Drinking Water

The Importance Of Drinking Water & Staying Hydrated

Lanzarote is much hotter and much drier than other European countries, so it’s essential that you drink enough water to stay hydrated when visiting the island, and particularly if you live here.

The guideline is to drink at least 8 x 8 ounce glasses a day which is approximately 2 litres a day. You shouldn’t wait to feel thirsty before you drink, it’s best to get into a routine of drinking water regularly throughout the day.

Did you know that drinking water can help you to lose weight? It’s also important to help maintain your temperature and lubricate your joints, as well as making you go to the loo to remove waste.

Signs of dehydration include:

Urine that is darker in colour than usual, or a very small amount

A dry mouth


Confusion, dizziness or lightheadedness


Water accounts for more than half of your body weight and in a hot climate during your holiday, you will lose water much quicker than at home.

Suggestions for drinking more water:

Keep a bottle with you during the day

Try drinking a small amount on an hourly basis or during your daily routine when you get up, before you eat, and before you go to bed

If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding a slice of lemon instead of sugary cordial drinks

Buying drinking water in Lanzarote

We stopped buying the 5-8 litre plastic bottles of drinking water years ago. Fed up with filling our shopping trolley and carting these heavy water containers to the house, and occasionally running out of drinking water at home out of hours, we switched to drinking filtered water.

We have a filter tap on our kitchen sink which we use to fill a jug in our fridge, for a constant supply of chilled drinking water. During the summer months, we have small bottles of water stocked in the fridge, to grab and go.

This filter service is provided by Aguaclara not only is our drinking water on tap, it’s cheaper than buying bottled water, and tastes good too! We also get a reminder from Ray at Aguaclara every 6 months that our filter is due to be changed.

If you’ve got a holiday home or rental property in Lanzarote, we’d highly recommend having a Doulton water filter fitted, we promise you won’t have to think about buying drinking water again. Contact Ray Allum on 661 041 155 for more information.

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