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The €100 A Day Story

The British press seems to be full of stories this week about “new rules” that mean Brits need to have €100 a day in order to visit Spain.

Here’s one headline:

British tourists’ fury as they discover they must be able to prove they can spend £85 a day to enter Spain due to Brexit.

So what are the facts?

1/ These aren’t new rules, they have been in place for years.

2/ They apply to everyone visiting Spain from outside the EU. The only thing that’s changed is the UK has left the EU. Previously, as part EU Freedom of movement, these kind of border checks were not in place.

3/ Almost every country around the world, including the UK, USA and Australia, has a similar set of rules for entry.

4/ These are only in place to make sure people arriving into Spain are coming legitimately for a holiday and can support themselves while they are here.

The reality is almost everyone coming genuinely for a holiday here will pass through without being questioned in any way. It’s only anyone arousing suspicion who will be asked to provide some evidence that they are actually coming on holiday, and not with a view to live or work here.

What are the rules? And what might an immigration officer ask for?

1/ You cannot stay more than 90 days here without a visa, so they may ask to see your return ticket.

2/ You must have accommodation arranged on the island while you are here, so they could ask to see a hotel voucher, a villa or apartment booking, or an invitation to stay with a friend.

If you own a property here, have a copy of your escritura or a utility bill with you, in case you are asked.

3/ You must be able to support yourself while here, so they may want to see you have access to funds, via a credit card or cash. As a rough guide they will want to know you have access to around €100 for each day of your planned stay.

But, we need to repeat – the chances of you being asked to show any of this are almost zero.

Unless you’re arriving with 7 suitcases, in which case they may think you’re planning to stay for a long time, or you’re arriving with a small rucksack and tatty clothes, which may suggest you can’t support yourself while here, it’s very unlikely you will do anything but pass smoothly through as you always have.