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Ten Insider Tips For Lanzarote Visitors

Bring some Euros with you

There isn’t an ATM at Lanzarote airport, so bring at least some cash in Euros with you, for the taxi or that all important first drink! Update: There is one now, but bring some money anyway, just in case!

Don’t park in the first car parks for Teguise market

If you pull in to the first car park with a high vis jacketed guy waving you in, you’ll have a long walk! Get closer to the town, there are plenty more places close in to park.

Find Shade

Notice how locals head for the shady side of the street? And they also choose the table with the most shade when they stop for a drink or a coffee. Its always good to get a break from the sun.

Bring sun cream with you

You can buy sun cream here, but the good stuff is quite expensive, especially if you can get 2 for 1 deals back home. So bring it with you, and re apply often.

Bring painkillers too

You can only buy Ibuprofen, paracetomol and aspirin at farmacias here. Whilst they’re cheap as chips, it’s not always convenient to find one, so bring your own.

Use public toilets when you see them!

There aren’t many public toilets in Lanzarote, so when you see some, use them! If you can’t find one, pop in to a bar for a coffee and use theirs, or at the very least buy a bottle of water from them.

Draw your curtains during the day

Draw the curtains or shutters in your hotel room or apartment when you go out, to stop it feeling like and oven when you get back.

Learn the “Picon shuffle”

Picon is the black volcanic rock that we use to keep moisture in the ground so plants will grown. When you walk on it in flip flops, it will get under your feet. As you step back onto terra firma, just flick your feet forward to get the stones out. The first few times, you’ll lose your flip flops, but in no time at all, you’ll be doing the picon shuffle like a boss.

Have lunch!

For many people, lunch in Spain is still the main meal. Out of the resorts, most restaurants offer a “Menu del dia,” which always consists of three courses, with a drink, and are astonishing value for money at less than €10. So turn your day upside down and enjoy a leisurely lunch, followed by a siesta and a light supper.

Save topless for the beach

Ladies commonly sunbathe topless on the beaches here, but gents not wearing a shirt in shops and restaurants is considered impolite.

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