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There are many worthy charity organisations on the island and, if you check our What’s On section regularly you must have notice how often there are fund raiser events organised by them.

However, you can’t always attend them, especially if you are not based in the island, or donating huge amounts can be difficult when finances are tight. That’s why “teaming” is a great idea. For just €1 a month, less than the cost of a coffee, you can contribute to charitable causes.

Teaming is a foundation that started with the main objective of creating, maintaining, developing and promoting the Teaming platform to support social causes. Their website was launched in January 2012. The platform is a secure online tool to raise funds to help social causes through micro-donations of 1€ per month, totally free of commissions.

You can easily join in by choosing the charity group you want to help on the teaming webpage . After filling in a very straight forward form with your details, a verification email will be sent to your inbox. Once your membership has been validated and your charity group chosen, you can choose your payment method. At the moment you can pay either using your bank account or your credit or debit card. The €1 will be debited monthly automatically and passed onto the charity. You will barely notice it in your monthly budget but by the power of joining forces, that little euro will go a long way to support these organisations.

There are nearly 10,000 charity groups in Teaming from over 20 different countries. In alphabetical order, these are the causes we have found in Lanzarote:

Adele’s Heart
Adele is a young, nice, affectionate and really wonderful dog… Unfortunately she suffers from a serious heart disease called “mitral dysplasia” that shortens her life expectancy. But you can have a normal life by taking a medication that helps you stay in control. The cost of this medication is high (€ 125 association price) which makes its adoption almost impossible :(. Among all we can get Adele to enjoy those years of more than life with that medication. Help her to enjoy life!

El ángel de Lanzarote
Ángel is a 10 year old boy from Lanzarote with a malformation that degenerated into a severe cerebral palsy. He can not talk, sees very little and spends many hours sitting while his mother Genoveva tries to keep him busy. He needs a new chair so your spine does not deform so much. Also with his current chair he can not go through the streets of Famara, were he lives, because it gets stuck. Every day life is very hard, but any help he can get would make it more bearable.

Emerlan is a long established charity in Lanzarote and offers emergency services and lifesaving across the islands, as well as supporting sports events with medical cover, and providing food for those in need. Due to the State of Emergengy by the COVID-19 pandemic, EMERLAN are overloaded with requests of social assistance, as all charities are, which they tend to as well as carrying on their usual sanitary and recue work

The Kennel Klub
Another animal protection association who’s aim is to rescue and re-home dogs that are injured, homeless or about to be killed in the local pounds.

Patitas del alma Lanzarote
It’s an animal protection association in Lanzarote that fights against abandonment and promotes the responsible adoption of animals, in addition to sterilizing colonies of feral cats.

Perma Terra –

Perma Terra is a living permaculture project in Lanzarote interested in promoting Sustainability, Food Sovereignty, Independence, Creativity, Abundance and Love for the Environment and the Community. They organise volunteering and workshops in relation to all these areas on a “pay what you can” basis.

Private Katzenhilfe Lanzarote
It’s a small private cat shelter in Lanzarote. Sigrid, a very enthusiastic cat rescuer, needs help: not only is she taking care of her rescued “regulars”, but also of strays in the area. And of course, there’s a never ending stream of emergencies coming in along the way. They all want to be treated and nursed back to health properly. As you can imagine, it is hard to say no. Sigrid is helping wherever she can. But this takes a lot of effort, and even more money.

Protectora de Animales y Plantas “SARA”
This animal protection association has been helping the abandoned animals of the island since 1986, giving them shelter, curing them and finding homes where they can be happy. Currently they are a group of animal lovers who do the impossible to carry on and above trying to change things by raising awareness with different types of campaigns. To make this possible they need any economic help they can get as at the moment they look after almost 400 animal

This group’s goal is to help all stray animals and focuses mainly on those at the pounds.

All, except for one, are animal focused groups, which shows not only how many animal-lovers there are in Lanzarote but also how much work is left to do for their well-being. If you know of another Lanzarote teaming group that we have failed to spot, please do get in touch to let us know.

I support a couple of teaming groups in Lanzarote and I can personally assure you all it’s a very secure system. Also you can join in as little as only just one group or as many as you want or can. Please do consider doing that yourselves, you will be contributing to help these organisations that carry out very admirable charitable work in the island.

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