We’ll update the open air cinema movies each month on this article, so bookmark it to check back for your dates.

You can read all about the open air cinema here: Starlight cinema Lanzarote.

The Starlight Open Air Cinema is situated on the rooftop of the Biosfera Shopping Center in Puerto del Carmen.

You can buy cinema tickets on the door one hour before the movie start time at €15 for adults and €12 for children up to 14 years old.

We’d recommend the VIP Pack, which includes reserved VIP seating and unlimited blankets at €20 for adults and €15 for children and can be booked in advance.

The Movie & Meal option, which includes a two course dinner and popcorn is available at €33 per adult and €30 per child. Also, don’t forget to check the wraps and paninis offered at the Lost World Cafe from 10h in the morning. There are gluten free and vegan options available, too.

Booking is advisable and it can be made in person at the venue, by telephone +34 928 511 690 or by emailing info@rooftopbiosfera.com or info@cinemalanzarote.com

There is also an online booking system:   Starlight Cinema

Open Air Cinema Movies April 2021


During April there will be one movie shown only on Friday & Sunday nights at Starlight Open Air Cinema on the Rooftop of the Biosfera Shopping Centre in Puerto del Carmen, all of them starting at 20:30h:

Friday 16th – “The Willoughbys”
Convinced they’d be better off raising themselves, the Willoughby children hatch a sneaky plan to send their selfish parents on vacation. The siblings then embark on their own high-flying adventure to find the true meaning of family.

Sunday 18th – “Extra Ordinary”
Rose, a sweet, lonely driving instructor in rural Ireland, is gifted with supernatural abilities. Rose has a love/hate relationship with her ‘talents’ & tries to ignore the constant spirit related requests from locals – to exorcise possessed rubbish bins or haunted gravel. But! Christian Winter, a washed up, one-hit-wonder rock star, has made a pact with the devil for a return to greatness! He puts a spell on a local teenager- making her levitate. Her terrified father, Martin Martin, asks Rose to help save his daughter. Rose has to overcome the fear of her supernatural gift & work with Martin to save the girl, get the guy and be home in time for a light snack…maybe a yogurt or something

Friday 23th – “Get Duked!”
A trio of teenage miscreants are given one last chance to turn their lives around by completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award trek across the highlands. Along for ride is one little overachiever who is in this for the opportunity to pad his CV. They don’t have anything in common, but the ragtag quartet are dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a map and they have to work together to reach their campsite before dark. However, they aren’t as alone as they think, and soon they are being stalked by wealthy aristocrats who intend to hunt and kill them for sport, and they only have their wits to protect them

Sunday 25th – “Grease”
Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they’re now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance?

Friday 30th – “Come As You Are”
Three young men with disabilities hit the road with a jaded nurse driver to a brothel in Montreal catering to people with special needs. Remake of the acclaimed Belgian film ‘Hasta La Vista’.

Reserving tickets in advance costs €20 for adults and €17 under 14-year-olds, having the possibility to reserve your seating.

The Movie & Meal Deal is back, it includes the movie, reserved seating, 2 course dinner of your choice with popcorn for €33 for adults and €30 for children up to 14-year-olds. Your food can be served prior to the film on our terrace with sea views, or during the movie delivered to your seat.

The discount for residents of the Canary Islands is also still running, being €10 for adults and €8 for children.
Please, remember to bring your Residente Canario certificate or your DNI with address.

You can book online on http://bit.ly/2Zwt8FL.

Also, if you fancy celebrating your child’s birthday at the Lost World, the jungle themed Restaurant, also located in the Rooftop, you can do so in a completely unique setting and atmosphere. There are 3 packages available:

3 Tickets (2x 6D VR & 1x Mini Golf)
€12 per child.

6D Galaxia VR simulador
Mini Golf
€15 per child.

Movie at the Starlight Open Air Cinema
6D Galaxia VR simulador
Mini Golf
€22 per child.

To enquire or to book, please call +34 928 511690 or email info@rooftopbiosfera.com.

You can book online on http://bit.ly/2Zwt8FL.

Check out also their movie and meal deals, which are very tasty and good value!

Gift Vouchers are available too to buy directly from the Rooftop team, which is open daily from 10am. Alternatively, you can contact them by email on info@rooftopbiosfera.com.

Please note that masks are obligatory at all times when exploring the Biosfera Shopping Centre and during a visit to the Rooftop, but not during the movie once seated.

The Movie & Meal Deal is back, it includes the movie, reserved seating, 2 course dinner of your choice with popcorn for €33. Check the options on the poster too.

Open Air Cinema Movies

Don’t forget that Rooftop Entertainment doesn’t offer just movies but much, much more:

Galaxia Space Ride 6D
Jurassic Crazy Golf
Lost World Rainforest Themed Cafe
Outdoor Panoramic Chillout Terrace

And The StarCaf will also be open for daily drinks and refreshments but with a slightly more limited food menu than before for the time being.

Rooftop Entertainment wants to say a HUGE thanks to each and every one of you for staying in contact and supporting them throughout this strange and testing time. They look forward to re-opening on the 4th of July as they head into their 4th anniversary with the best supporters ever!

Please, check the full cinema listings to know which movies are shown which days.

Here’s the menu at the cinema:

Starlight Cinema Menu


There are Rooftop Gift Vouchers available for any amount you choose. They can be used throughout Rooftop Entertainment, including Starlight Open Air Cinema and the new rainforest Lost World Restaurant. You can purchase the vouchers directly from the Rooftop team or email info@rooftopbiosfera.com to buy online.