The Spanish government has confirmed the rights of UK citizens to remain in Spain after 29th March following Brexit.

A Royal Decree is being prepared and will be enacted during February. A website has been launched, which has scant information currently, but which will be updated. You can see it here: Spain and Brexit.

It should be noted that the right to live in Spain will only be granted to those who currently have legal residence here – those who have registered, commonly known as Residencia. 

Their existing Green Registro certificates will no longer be valid, as they are for EU citizens only. British citizens will be issued with Foreigner Identity Cards (TIEs) which are currently given to citizens of “third” countries.

The rights of British citizens will be governed by the General Registration Regime, which is for non EU citizens. They will lose their right to vote in EU elections and the right to live and work in other EU countries.

Questions that have not been answered yet include the effect on pensions, healthcare and the resident’s travel subsidy. What also isn’t clear yet is the position of non-residents who own property in Spain.

We’ll update this article with news as soon as we know more.

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