There are three types of schools on the Island: local Spanish, Private English, and Private International.

The private option is expensive (approx 5000€‚ per annum per child dependant on age). This may be a good option for your children if any of the following apply:
– Your children are of secondary school age
– You are only intending to live in Lanzarote for a year or two
– You want your children to be taught the UK curriculum and obtain GCSEs and A Levels

Local Spanish schools obviously teach in Spanish, and qualifications obtained enable kids to go on to university, technical education and training on the Island and in Spain. This may be a good option if:
– Your children are of primary school age
– You want your children to be fluent in Spanish
– You intend to remain on the island for the long term
– You want your children to obtain qualifications relevant to further education on the island / mainland Spain.

Private School Options

The British school of Lanzarote (Tahiche)
This is pronominally Spanish pupils having an English education. The school is small and the class sizes are small and teaching is personally geared towards each pupil. There is a school uniform at this school.

Collegio Hispano Britanico (Puerto del Carmen)
This mainly English pupils getting an English education. The standard is quite high and aimed at getting pupils into higher (University) education. It is a large school. There is no uniform. The school is quite focussed on sport and has several teams that complete with other schools around the Canaries.

Centro Educacional Daos (Matagorda)
This is a trilingual school (English, Spanish and German). It has a uniform. It opened in 2007. It has a different approach to the other schools in that the teachers rotate, and the children stay in the same classroom, the lessons are taught in a rotation of the 3 languages.

Collegio Arenas International (Costa Teguise)
It is part of a group of school in the Canaries Islands. There is a school uniform. Classes are held in Spanish and in English. There is a lot of after school activities on offer.

Contact Information

British School of Lanzarote
Calle Juan Echevarria
Telephone & Fax: (0034) 928 810 085
Web link for more information:

Colegio Arenas International
Avenida del Mar 37
Costa Teguise
Telephone: (0034) 928 590 835

Colegio Hispano Britanico
Cno Mosefue 2
Telephone: (0034) 928 173 066
Web link for more information:

Colegio Europeo Daos
Marte No 3
Puerto del Carmen
Telephone: 928 51 58 18

State School Know How

You need to prove you live in the local area (by showing your Empadronmiento certificate). There are some forms to fill in and paperwork that the school will want to have copies of (passports, medical records (especially vaccination records), passport photos (Spanish size), and birth certificates). They will also ask for your previous years tax return, but if you are new to the island you won’t have one, so they will accept your children and wait for this to be supplied later. You may need to supply a certificate from the Island Tax Office stating you haven’t earned on the island in the previous year. They will also usually wait for your social security number as you need a job with a contract to get one.

If your local school has no places in your child’s year, then you will offered a place at the next nearest school with space.

Most of the local schools do not require a uniform, but some have an optional one. Text and exercise books are expected to be purchased by the parents at the beginning of each school year (September).

The hours of local schools are typically:
Primary 9 – 1
Secondary 8 – 2

They take a snack for the morning break, and lunch is eaten at home.

If you live more than 3Km from the nearest school your child is entitled to a free place on the school bus (subject to availability) which has certain pick up and drop off points in the area.

Spanish Schools List

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More information about relocating to Lanzarote.

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