Ruta De La Tapa – Tinajo

Tinajo holds a Ruta de la Tapa every year. Local restaurants participate, and you can work your way around them, and enjoy an inexpensive tapa and a drink in them all. You’re then asked to vote on your favourite.


This year’s Tapas Tour in the municipality of Tinajo is back with a slightly different format as it will take place during every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the month of June.

Each tapa and drink will cost €5 and when you vote for your favourite one you will automatically enter the draw of four vouchers worth €50 each.

These are the nine participating establishments in this edition:


-Hamburguesería-Arepera El Chinchorro
Address: Calle Fausino Pío, 10
Opening hours: From 16h to 20:30h.
Tapa: Arepón El Chinchorro. There isn’t much indication of what this tapa is, except “arepón” suggest a big “arepa”, so it’d be something is the lines of the house’s big arepa.

-Bar El Quemao
Address: Calle El Quemao, 5
Opening hours: From 11h to 21h.
Tapa: Shellfish Paella


Address: Calle Palacio (no number)
Opening hours: From 17h to midnight.
1st week-Tollos ( fish) with red mojo
2nd week-Chickpeas stew
3rd week-Stew
4th week-Russian salad


-Tele Club
Address: Calle Chimanfaya, 9
Opening hours: Thursdays, from 16h to 22h
Fridays and Saturdays, from 12h to 23:30h
Tapa: Assortment of croquettes (3 flavours)

-Restaurante El Volcán
Address: Calle Guiguan, 2
Opening hours: From 6:30h to 15h
Thursdays-Assortment of tapas (sirloin, assortment of croquettes, and fish strips in batter)
Fridays-Cherne stewSaturdays-Canarian stew


-Restaurante Casa Ignacio
Address: Avenida Los Volcanes, 10
Opening hours: From 7h to 16h
Thursdays-Stew croquettes
Fridays-Black rice with cuttlefish, prawns and garlic mayonnaise
Saturdays-Octopus stew

-Hamburguesería Two Friends
Address: Avenida de Las Vegas, 8 (Petrol Station)
Opening hours: From 8h to 23h.
Tapa: “Jilorio” Burger. Again, not much indication of what this burger entails…

Address: Plaza de San Roque, Local 3
Opening hours: Thursdays and Fridays, from 12h to 23h
Saturdays, from 12h to 18h
Kitchen opening hours, from 13h to 16h and from 19h to 22h.
Saturdays, from 13h to 17h.
1st week-Yakitori of teriyaki chicken
2nd week-Black pudding stuffed pastry
3rd week-Marinated tuna
4th week-Rice spring rolls with vegetables

-Restaurante Majo Picón
Address: Calle Miguel Lantigua, 18
Opening hours: From 13h to 15:15h and from 19h to 21h.
Tapa: Goat meat cannelloni, chilies, migas (sautéed breadcrumbs) and cream of cheese.