Roscon de Reyes

Roscón De Reyes – Spain’s Christmas Cake

Here in Spain, it’s not usual to bake a Christmas cake, but there is one cake that every household will enjoy over the Christmas period – the Roscón de Reyes, or “The ring of the Kings.”

These are purchased in the few days before 6th January – “King’s day,” and consist of a large bun ring with a hole in the centre, usually filled with fresh cream, but sometimes with custard, vanilla or even chocolate cream. The top half is glazed and covered with candied fruit.

You’ll find them at all the bakeries on the island.

Many families hold a Roscon party where everyone will get together the day before King’s Day to enjoy some snacks, drinks and the cake before heading out to see the three kings parade, which here in Lanzarote, takes place on camels.

The Secret Ingredients

While the cake is sweet and delicious, there are always 2 very unusual ingredients buried somewhere in the cream filling:

The King

One thing you will always find is the tiny figure of a king. The person who gets this in their slice is nominated King of the Celebration and must wear a crown (crowns come in the cake box.)

The Bean

You’ll also find a bean, and the person who gets the bean in their slice has to pay for next year’s Roscon party!

Our problem is we can never remember from one year to the next who had which!

  • Agua Clara