Restaurant Review – Bogavante, El Golfo

One of our favourite places to go is El Golfo – the village has many restaurants, and they are renowned for their fresh fish. We recently chose Bogavante for a meal with some very good friends, who were staying in Playa Blanca.

Sunday lunches are important here in Lanzarote – it’s a time to unwind and enjoy a long, slow meal in the company of friends or family.

Bogavante in El Golfo opens directly onto the ocean and the outside terrace is actually on the beach. We were lucky to find a table there – we hadn’t booked, but we did arrive early at about 1PM. As you walk into the restaurant, you go past a large tank with live lobsters in it, and three of us made an instant decision to go for the speciality of the house.

Bogavante is the Spanish word for lobster, and three of our party had already decided they were going to enjoy some for their lunch.

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We were surprised and impressed when not one, but two Lamborghinis pulled up outside while we were there, and their owners came into the restaurant as well. We didn’t even know there were two Lambos in Lanzarote!

 Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Bogavante, El Golfo

For starters, we ordered various mixed plates – Lapas, local cheese and smoked salmon tostadas. The lapas (limpets in English) were the best I’ve ever tasted – perfectly grilled in butter and garlic and sweet and tender. The salmon came on toast and was also delicious. Only the cheese was a little disappointing – it was typical of Lanzarote, and very fresh, but for me a little bland.

 Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Bogavante, El Golfo
 Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Bogavante, El Golfo

For her main course, Jules ordered the platter of fried fish, which consisted of three different types of fish cooked very simply – skins slashed and then deep fried. This only works well with the freshest fish, and she described the dish as fragrant and light and just how she likes it. As mentioned before, the rest of us opted for the fresh lobster – they were  grilled and split in half, drizzled with butter and herbs. Once again, they were beautifully cooked, and luxuriously rich tasting.

The main courses were served with Canarian potatoes and mojo sauce.

We drank the dry Malvasia Seco from Bodega Guiguan in TInajo, and it complemented the fish to perfection.

For dessert the ladies went for home made creamed rice and fig mousse respectively, while the fellas (who weren’t driving!) managed a coffee with a Carlos Primero Brandy each!

The price was skewed by three of us ordering lobster, so our total bill came to €70 per person, but if you don’t go for the lobster, you can expect to pay about half that – good value for money, as the fish is as fresh as you’ll get anywhere, the service at Boganvante is excellent, and the view and setting is hard to beat.

For Information, we don’t give reviews in return for free food or advertising and we never tell the restaurant we’re planning to review them. We simply rock up, eat our meal, pay the bill, and then write our review. 

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