Electric Scooters

Regulations For Electric Scooters & Bikes

The transport department DGT has issued information to clarify what is required for different types of electric scooters and bicycles.

Pedal Assist Bikes

Known as “E-Bikes,” these are bicycles where an electric motor assists with pedalling, and they are limited to the extent that the motor assistance cuts out at speeds of 25KMH or above.

These are exempt from matriculation and homologation. In other words, they can be treated like any bicycle.

Powered Electric Scooters and Bikes

Scooters and bicycles which can be propelled by electric motors now fall into the EU L1E-A category. These are electric scooters and bikes where you can simply press a button to “go” and do not require you to pedal.

As of now, these types of vehicles are classified as motorised, which means they must be homologated and matriculated (registered to an owner) and the following applies:

  • They must carry a number plate
  • They must have compulsory insurance
  • They must be ITV’d at four years of age
  • Riders must wear a helmet
  • They must hold at least a moped driving licence

Obviously, this does not apply if the vehicles are only used on private land. It also does not apply to electric mobility aids, which should not be driven on the road, and are classified differently.

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