The 39th edition of the Rallye Orvecame – Isla de Lanzarote will be held on the 1st & 2nd December 2017.

Just under 100 teams will be racing this year, which is a fantastic turn out, for the last event of the season and will decide the champions of the Campeonato Autonómico de Canarias, Campeonato BP and Insular de Lanzarote.

The teams will be scrutinised and presented at the Orecame premises in Playa Honda on Friday 1st December 2017. The leaving ceremony is at 17:00.

The racing starts at 09:45 on Saturday 2nd December, finishing at 20:15. According to the race itinerary, the first car is scheduled to start each section at the following times:

10:12 TC1 Hoya Limpia – Tías – Tegoyo

10:42 TC2 La Candelaria – San Bartolomé

12:27 TC3 Hoya Limpia – Tías – Tegoyo

12:57 TC4 La Candelaria – San Bartolomé

14:27 TC5 Ciudad de Arrecife

15:57 TC6 Guatiza – El Mojón – Los Valles

16:27 TC7 Los Valles – Haría – Tabayesco

18:37 TC8 Guatiza – El Mojón – Los Valles

19:07 TC9 Los Valles – Haría – Tabayesco

The drivers will cover a total distance of 225.20km during the event, of which 77.3km will be timed.

The following images confirm the start and finish lines for each section of the rally.

The Ciudad de Arrecife spectacular normally draws a good crowd, this part of the race is held in the car park by the Cabildo de Lanzarote.

Spectators are welcome at any of the sections, you will need to arrive early to park before the road is closed for racing. Lots of fans spend the day following the rally around the island to each section.

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