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Lanzarote’s famous weather is wonderful, but it does pose some unique problems for roofs. The hot summers cause roofs to contract and expand, and then when it does rain, which doesn’t happen often, water finds a way through wherever there is a weakness. We also suffer from quite heavy dew in the summer months, so even then, roofs are under pressure.

The Crack Epidemic!

Check any roof on the island, and you’re likely to find tiny cracks, particularly on the low walls around the roof, and often in the roof covering itself.

It’s a recipe for disaster – not just for the mopping up you have to do, but also because any water going into the walls will eventually cause the steel supports to corrode and walls to separate.

This stop motion video shows how this issue is prevented:

The Answer!

With more than 20 years experience, the team at Radley Roof solutions has been making roofs in Lanzarote weather resistant for many years.

Lee’s preference is to use a three layer system, to UK standards, that takes the flashing right up over the surrounding walls to ensure they are sealed, and then tops the whole lot off with quality, flexible white paint to act as a sun reflector. Doing the job properly means all work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Here’s a stop motion video showing part of the process:

Other options are available according to your budget. For example, a roof can be fibreglassed for about half the price of the three layer system.

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