Electric Scooters

Please Use Electric Scooters Sensibly

Like most places around the world, electric “app” scooters are to be found in most towns and resorts.

These scooter have sparked much debate on the island from tourists and residents, many of whom complain they are a danger to pedestrians.

The scooters are not the issue, it’s the people who ride them. And this article is a plea to use them sensibly, and with consideration.

At the end of the day, they are a terrific way to explore more of Lanzarote, and they are much “Greener” than using a hire car, taxi or bus. We’ve used them in several cities around the world, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring much more than we would have been able to on foot. You can find where they are on the app map, unlock them and ride, pause them if you want to pop into somewhere for lunch, and then continue your journey. They’re extremely convenient.

But, if they are to continue to be available, riders must treat everyone else with some respect:

  • Use the cycle lanes wherever they are available.
  • Use the pavement if there isn’t a cycle lane, but do not use them on road.
  • Adjust your speed to the conditions. If you are on a busy pavement, you have no right of way, so you should move at walking speed.
  • If you are in a cycle lane, with no barrier, reduce your speed when there are pedestrians around you – they often walk into the lane by mistake.
  • Only one person should ride at a time.

And the most important:

When you’ve finished your ride, park the scooter where it isn’t in anybody’s way, or obstructing the pavement.

None of the above is difficult to do, and if we all comply, we’ll all still be able to enjoy the scooters.

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