Picnic Area

Picnic Area In La Asomada

There is a picnic area or “merendero” in La Asomada and it was unveiled during the village’s 2019 Fiestas.

The outdoor area is situated next to the Church and the Centro Socio Cultural, right behind the bus stop. Being on the LZ-502 road that climbs the hill from the Mácher roundabout towards La Asomada it means that its raised position gives it a very airy feeling and you can catch glimpses of the ocean and the mountains.

It has:

  • Four large wooden picnic tables and benches with heather parasols that gives it a very natural look and trees that will provide shade when they grow
  • Two built in barbecues by the surrounding lava stone walls
  • An enclosed and colorful kids playground with synthetic grass and slides, swings, climbing structures and other games and a built in bench for parents that want to keep a closer eye on their children
  • And an “outdoor gym”, you know like the type with machines for older people to exercise, ahem, gently

Also, there is quick to access the picnic area and it’s very central in the island, it also has ample parking.

The picnic area is free to access and you don’t need to make a reservation, like the one in La Degollada but unlike the Tegoyo one that needs to be booked with the Town hall prior to using it. The only request from the authorities is that people are respectful of both the installations and any other users of these facilities.

Picnic anyone?