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Paying Traffic Fines In Lanzarote

Traffic fines in Lanzarote are called Multas.

We’ve previously written information on driving in Lanzarote which details the local speed limits, traffic rules, parking and driving fines (multas), points system etc here in Lanzarote. Have you been unfortunate enough to be issued with a multa (fine)?

If you have a Spanish driving license and have received a multa then its now possible to pay them online with a debit or credit card (Visa / Master Card / Maestro).

*  Go to the Dirección General de Tráfico website and select the menu option on the left hand side called ‘Trámites y Multas’.

*  Next look for the heading ‘¿Alguna Multa?’ select the single option “Pago de multas, notificationes, identificación de conductor, alegaciones, Centro de Denuncias Automatizadas..” underneath.

*  Now you want the top option ‘Pago de Multas’ and select a) Pago de multas (sin certificado digital ni DNI electrónico).

*  Enter the following details of your multa including the full amount of the fine, any discount will be calculated automatically for you. This information was requested in English! Document type, document number, first name, first surname, second surname, record or file number and total amount of the fine.

* Press continue and you will be prompted to enter your payment details and issued with a receipt.

You can still pay your fines in cash at the Jefatura de Tráfico in Arrecife, Banco Santander or the Correos as before and discounts are normally given if paid within 30 days of receiving your fine.

If you haven’t been stopped by the police but believe that you may have been issued with a fine then you can use the following website to look for any outstanding multas. is a free service provided by Dvuelta, they are warning drivers that the police no longer need to notify you of an offence and the first you may know about it is when an “embarga” is put on your bank account or your tax return! If you dispute the multa then you can contact Dvuelta for help to contest the fine.

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