Noche Blanca

Noche Blanca Teguise

Noche Blanca is an event that has been running in La Villa de Teguise, in the centre of Lanzarote, since 2010.

It’s a cultural event, with lots of music food and dancing, and is basically a massive summer party which starts at sunset and goes on most of the night.

Noche Blanca literally means “White Night,” and you’ll find white night events in many European countries and all across Spain.

The idea originated in St Petersburg, Russia, and the “White night” reference was all about the fact that in mid summer, the nights there are light, or “white.” Nowadays, many people assume the reference is to clothing, and so they attend Noche Blanca in white clothes. Come in any colour you want, but white is fine too!


Noche Blanca will take place this year on 28th July. Here’s the programme:

Noche Blanca will take place this year on 28th July with 13 concerts will take place in various locations and a “pirate performance”.

The Teguise Town Hall is finalising the details of the event. In its eleventh edition, the streets and public buildings of the historic centre continue to be the main stages of a programme designed for all audiences.

This year the location of the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, a.k.a. Guanapay castle,  will once again be available, where the pirates will return with the theatrical group Actúa and their proposal “Noche Negra” meaning Black Night. Seating is limited and access is by invitation only, collect tickets in advance from the Departamento de Cultura between 09:00-14:00 limited to 15+ years.

In total there will be 13 concerts of different musical genres in three preferred locations: La Plazuela, Plaza de los Leones and El Hoyo. The youngsters will enjoy workshops, rap battles or DJs in Las Maretas. Families will enjoy circus shows, dance performances and street theatre that will be centred in the Plaza de Los Leones from 17h, and one hour earlier, in the Municipal Library will host storytelling sessions, musical performances and a fashion show. On the other hand, traditional games and wrestling exhibitions will be held in the Plaza del Hoyo. In addition, students from the Teguise Music School will entertain different corners of the town.

In this edition, contemporary dance has a special prominence with several shows in the Convent of Santo Domingo from 19:30h in the hands of Acerina H. Toledo and Reinier Alfonso. And in the municipal theatre, from 19h, the poetic performance “Canciones en su tinta” by Duende Josele Dúo will take place. For those who want to try their hand at Latin dancing, there will be a workshop in the Municipal Marquee from 18h.

Also a great opportunity to check out the interesting local shops and gastronomy that Teguise has to offer.

The Cabildo of Lanzarote is committed to reinforcing the bus and taxi service, as well as helping the Consistory in logistical, security and emergency matters so that the Noche Blanca event, which has an average attendance of 15,000 people, goes without any incident.

The number 07 buses will depart from Estación de guaguas de Arrecife to La Villa de Teguise at 18:00, 19:00 & 21:00. Returning from 00:00, 01:30 & 02:30. The bus stop is on Avenida La Gran Aldea (LZ-10). There are two taxi points: Convento de San Francisco & Ayuntamiento.

You can view the full programme (in Spanish) and download a copy to see the Noche Blanca events taking place in each of the locations within the old capital of Lanzarote.

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