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Movistar Mobiles

Mobile phones and accessories are available from the Informatica stationery shops situated in the Biosfera Plaza -Puerto del Carmen, Deiland Centre – Playa Honda and Arrecife.

Contract mobile phones are the best value for money, and Movistar offer a big range of data and voice plans. They also offer a service called Fusion, which is one account for you landline, mobiles and (optionally) television service.

Pay as you go mobile phones start from around €100 with €20 credit on the sim card.

Voicemail and Messages

Activate your answer phone by calling 123 or online in Canal Cliente.

The first time you call your voice messages you will need to set up your pin code, the default is 1234. This pin code allows you to listen to your messages from another phone and from abroad.

To set up your personal greeting on the voicemail call 126 and follow the instructions.

The phone will text / call you to inform you that you have received a voice message.

Listen to your voice messages press and hold 1 or dial 123.

To listen to your messages from another mobile or landline call 609123123, you will need your pin code set up when the voice mailbox was set up.

The menu options when you call the voice mailbox are:

Press 0 for help
Press 4 to repeat the message
Press 5 to hear the telephone number that called
Press 7 to delete the message
Press 8 to call the person back
Press 9 to save the message
Press # to skip to the next message


To set up diverts if the phone is not answered, choose from:

Activate message if phone is switched off or out of cover call 501.
Activate message if the phone is not answered call 502.
Activate message if the phone is engaged call 503.
Activate message for all calls you receive not answered 504.

To de-activate your voicemail call 537 and press one of the following options:

Press 1 to de-activate when engaged
Press 2 to de-activate when you don’t respond
Press 3 to de-activate when off or out of cover
Press 4 to de-activate for all.


Check your pay as you go credit balance *133# press send and the balance will be sent by text.

You can top up your credit by using one of the machines in the Informatica shops listed above, via your bank online from your account or online on the Movistar website.

Top up online go to
Select móvil, recarga y saldo from the menu options
Enter your mobile number (número de móvil)
Select how much you want to top up from €5 (importe a recargar)
Enter your credit card details (Visa / Mastercard)
Press aceptar
You can top up from 5-30 euros to a maximum of 30 euros per month.


Change the language on your mobile screen, look for idiomas in your menu options and select Ingles!


You can register online go to
Select particulares, then mi movistar then regístrate, you need your passport or residencia to register then you can:

Check your points
Call details
Recharge your mobile
Consult your balance

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