May in the vineyards

May In The Vineyards

Nobody knows Lanzarote wine better than the team at Wine Tours Lanzarote, and we’re so pleased they’re sharing their monthly updates with Lanzarote Information readers, so we can get a glimpse into what goes on here on the island in the world of viticulture.

This month – May 2021, Dan tells us:

  • Lanzarote is the first region in Europe to begin the season
  • The recent, unusually humid weather has been a challenge
  • There are lots of grapes on the vines already

And much more!

The team also choose a wine of the month for us, and this month’s is a personal favourite of ours.

Find out which local wine it is, and read the full story of May in the Vineyards here: May In the Vineyards.