Locals beaches

Local’s Beaches In Lanzarote

The three main resorts all have splendid beaches, with plenty to do, eat and drink and excellent facilities to enjoy the ocean for a day. But what about local’s beaches?

Move away from the resorts, and you’ll find the beaches locals go to. In places like Arrecife, Arrieta, Playa Quemada, Playa Honda and so on. At Famara, you’ll find a mixture of tourists and locals.

But what are the differences between local’s beaches and the more typical tourist beaches?

Sand is fun!

Generally, you’ll find locals on the sand, rather than on sun beds. Many don’t even bother with towels, and they also enjoy rolling around in the sand after a swim, for a bit of impromptu exfoliation. Sand fights between kids are common.

Large groups

Canarians generally come to the beach as a large group, often with 3 or more generations at a time, and are often very well equipped, with cool boxes for beers, ghetto blasters and lots of snorkeling kit.

You’ll often spot Grandma in a small fold up chair, with a parasol, guarding everything while the family plays.

The Food and Drink

When you look at the bars and restaurants close to local’s beaches, you won’t find all day breakfasts or cocktails on offer. Canarians love to eat sea food by the ocean, so you’ll see tapas bars serving puntillas, calamari and super fresh fish, often caught that morning.

Bottled beer is the thing to drink on the beach, and generally in the very small “Botellins,” so they can be enjoyed while still cool.

Beach wear is different

Men tend to wear swimming trunks, rather than shorts, and many of the ladies will be topless on the beach – both contribute to a lovely, even sun tan.

If you can see loads of of budgie smugglers and boobs, you’re probably on a locals beach.

It’s noisy!

Canarians have a higher noise threshold than northern Europeans, so you’ll find the beach to be a loud environment – that’s because everyone is having so much fun.

Try it!

We’re not saying any one type of beach is better than the other, and of course, you’ll find locals and tourists alike at all of our beaches. But we would recommend spending some time on a beach and enjoying it as the locals do, just to experience a different kind of day. Take some mats to lie on, a cool box of beers and join in the fun. And at lunchtime, or at the end of the day, dive into the nearest bar for some sea food tapas, while your body glows and your tan develops.

Here’s a list of all the beaches in Lanzarote: Lanzarote Beaches.

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