Lanzarote's best beach

Lanzarote’s Best Beach

So which is Lanzarote’s best beach? I have to start this with a rider: In my personal opinion!

Of course, “best” is only ever a personal opinion. Here in Lanzarote, we have more than 100 beaches, and they are all different.

Lanzarote’s best beach, If you’re a windsurfer, is Playa las Cucharas in Costa Teguise, if you want a sheltered, family-safe beach, then Playas Dorada and Flamingo in Playa Blanca are wonderful, and if you just want loads of space and nearby bars, Playa Los Pocillos is a cracker. For those who prefer to get their kit off, there’s a naturist section at Papagayo and on the north coast, you’ll find many little beaches where you may not see another soul all day.

What do I look for in Lanzarote’s best beach?

  • If there’s a swell, I like to boogie board, so I need a decent break
  • If it’s calm, I love to snorkel, so I need plenty of fish, which means a reef or pier
  • The beach should get deep quickly – I like to swim
  • I love to enjoy a tapa or two and a beer afterwards close by
  • I’m not fussed about sun beds, but I need soft sand to park my backside on
  • And I don’t want to be on top of loads of other people
  • There have to be toilets nearby

There you have it. Have you guessed my favourite beach yet?

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My favourite beach in Lanzarote (Or Lanzarote’s best beach!)

The one that ticks all my boxes is Playa La Garita at Arrieta.

I can either board or snorkel there on most days of the year and within about ten paces from the shore, I’m out of my depth. The local bars and restaurants close by in the village of Arrieta serve tapas, paella and beers. There are no sun beds, but there is plenty of sand, it never gets really crowded there, and there’s a huge and very clean toilet and shower block.

And just to round perfection off, there’s a VW Van right by the shower block which serves wicked mojitos for your post beach cocktail.