Monte Corona Ye Church

Lanzarote Walk – Monte Corona

There’s a spectacular crater within a short walk on Lanzarote, the Monte Corona can be reached within 2km from the village of Yé.

There’s parking spaces in front of the church and the footpath starts at a track found on the right hand side in the direction of the village.

Vineyards Ye

The walk starts off gently along a wide track through well tended vineyards.

Dirt Track To Monte Corona

Looking back towards the church with the Mirador del Río in the distance.

Footpath to Monte Corona

As the track ends, pick up the footpath on the left where the climb begins in earnest.

View to the Castle House

During the short climb of around 100m the view opens up over the castle house and down to the white beaches of Órzola.

Crater Monte Corona

And then you’re almost there, the rim of the crater is in sight.

Monte Corona Rim

The crater is stunning, you can’t do it any justice with photos, it’s something you need to see for yourself.

Miguel at the top Monte Corona

We would suggest going back down the same footpath to your starting point. We took the well trodden path off to the left of the volcano which follows the stone wall down the hill, however unless you pick up the path right to skirt around the back of Monte Corona, you will eventually come out at a barbed wire fence. Twice we’ve got lost trying to negotiate a path back through to the village from this area and understandably, the local farmer’s really don’t appreciate you trekking over their fields.

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