Lanzarote Walk – Barranco Teneguime

We used to enjoy the monthly GPS challenges set by a local Sports magazine (Solo Deporte) in Lanzarote, which stopped publication in 2009. Each month we were issued a set of GPS co-ordinates and we would plan up to a 10km walk around it, hopefully finding the cache in the process. Now we’ve discovered there are loads of these already here in Lanzarote through the website www.geocaching.com

We decided to try the Barranco Tenegüime, the suggestion was to park your car up near the windmill farm overlooking Los Valles and walk down the barranco, we decided to park in Guatiza and walk up. This can be done as a walk without GPS or you can get the co-ordinates from the link to the Geocache website. If you don’t have a GPS then you might be able to get an app for your phone, we downloaded the iPhone one and it worked well.

We parked close to the El Bulin bar in Guatiza, we took the side street behind the pet food shop and crossed the bridge over the main road North. Here we joined the barranco which led us up into the hills. The walking was a bit tricky underfoot, it’s very passable but you do need to look down to see where to place your feet.

Walking this in March is just stunning, there was an abundance of wild flowers, with purple lavender and pink sea rosemary shrubs in and along the sides of the barranco. The scenery here is just stunning with dramatic rock faces and dry stone walled terraces.

Louie (the dog) enjoyed the pools of water along the way, he thought they were great for a quick swim to cool off. We reached the area that the cache was hidden in, it took some searching to find the natural table which was the clue, but Mick found it!

The cache was placed in April 2008, it’s been found by 101 people and 19 didn’t find it, it’s also marked at a favourite by 17 people. We walked back along the same path to our cars, stopping for a cold beer at the bar on the way, this route is 6km walk. Alternatively you could walk from Los Valles one way to Guatiza or vice versa.

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