Lanzarote Tourism In 2022

Now that all the statistics have been complied and finalised, we are able to see all the data relating to tourism on the island in 2022.

We’ve picked out some of the more interesting ones for you.

Total Visitors

In total, the island had 2,816,231 visitors and 62,000 tourist beds available.

Those visitors break down like this:

  • 46% from UK
  • 12.4% from Spain
  • 9.4% from Germany
  • 9.2% from Ireland
  • 6.6% from France
  • 3.5% from Italy

Busiest Month

The busiest month of the year was August, with 278,200 visitors, but July, October and December all had more than 250,000.

Looking at the busiest month by country of origin shows some interesting variations:

  • UK – December
  • Spain – August
  • Germany – March
  • Ireland – July
  • France – December
  • Italy – April

Most Popular Official Attractions

More than 3 million visits were made to the major attractions in 2022. The busiest month was August. In order of popularity there look like this:

  • Montañas del Fuego – 817,040
  • Jameos del Agua – 759,913
  • Cueva de los Verdes – 520,452
  • Jardin de Cactus – 434,932
  • Mirador del Rio – 418,831
  • Castillo San José – 77,073

Cruise Passengers

A total of 336,281 passengers arrived on cruise ships during the year. The busiest month was December when there were 68,479 and the least busy was July when there were just 2,650.

Hire Cars

At the end of 2022, there were 21 registered car hire companies on the island, with a total fleet of 8,174 cars on their books.

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