Lanzarote trail map

Lanzarote Tour And Trail Map

I was pleased to receive the 4th edition of the Lanzarote Trail Map in the post this week, we’ve been using the David Brawn maps for years to plan our walking routes around the island.

This new version of the Lanzarote trail map includes the GR131 footpath stretching the length of Lanzarote from Órzola to Playa Blanca. There’s also a map of La Graciosa if you are planning to explore this island on foot or by mountain bike.

For anyone that’s tried to use a traditional paper map in the trade winds that blow across the Canaries, you’ll be pleased to know that the super-durable & waterproof version doesn’t disintegrate in the breeze or wear along the creases! It’s also lightweight and flexible so will fit into the smallest of bags.

The map scale is 1:40,000 and includes footpaths, dirt tracks and roads, so it’s not just good for walking, but cycling and driving too. The latest edition also has the new Arrecife Circunvalación (ring road) included. David Brawn is also the author of Walk! Lanzarote if you’re looking for a guide suggesting routes on the island.

In our opinion, this is the definitive map for Lanzarote, you can order your copy online here: Lanzarote Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map.