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Lanzarote Statistics 2017

Every year The Cabildo releases a Yearbook of Lanzarote statistics, and the one from 2017 is available now.

Lanzarote Statistics

I love delving into these to find the little pearls of information, so I’ve shared the numbers I found most interesting for you here:


  • The island population is now 147,023, with 40% of those living in Arrecife
  • 22% of  Lanzarote’s population is foreign
  • There are 5880 British people living on the island – the largest foreign group. But the number of Brits living here has fallen from a peak of 8000 in 2011
  • Moroccans come next, then Italians and Germans
  • Haria has the oldest average age (45) on the island and Yaiza the youngest (37.1)
  • Unemployment fell to it’s lowest since 2007


  • The average number of tourists here per day is 57,000
  • 7.4 million passengers used the airport
  • Cruise visitors were up 13% on the previous year
  • The month with most arrivals was April, followed closely by July and October
  • Lanzarote broke through the 3 million barrier for tourists for the first time


  • Reported crimes rose by 8%
  • There were no murders on the island
  • There was a big increase in sexual crimes
  • Theft from vehicles and robberies with violence fell


  • February was the wettest month of the year with 21.3MM of rain
  • Rain fell on 36 days of the year
  • 2017 was the driest year since 2001
  • It was the warmest since 2010
  • The highest temperature recorded was 41.3 Degrees in August
  • The lowest was 10.2 degrees in January


  • The number of car accidents fell in the year to 321 as did the number killed to 7
  • The average fuel price for 95 octane was €1.03 per litre

You can read the full year book of Lanzarote Statistics (in Spanish) here: Lanzarote Statistics.

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