Lanzarote Restaurant Review – Munsoo, Soo

We heard about a new restaurant, called Munsoo, opening up in the little village of Soo, and we decided to go and check it out.

Munsoo calls itself a “Slow food restaurant,” and is run by Luna and Alex, who are from Famara. They wanted to create a space serving healthy food, great coffee, and with a sense of peace and tranquility. They have succeeded!

As you walk in, there is an indoor bar area, with a couple of tables where you could enjoy a coffee, but most of the space is outside on the patio, sheltered by sails. There’s also an outside bar, and a sort of sandy “beach” area with a stage for live music performances.

We grabbed a table on the patio and checked out the menu. There are some really interesting salads, sandwiches and toasts, hot meals including a curry, Nasi Goring and a burger, and a fascinating range of smoothies, shakes and coffees.

Julie chose a Falafel bowl, which was beautifully presented with balls of falafel on a bed of quinoa, served with a nice dip and roasted pumpkin. She really enjoyed the meal, but felt there was too much pumpkin. I went for Tostada Canaria Mia, which was a slice of wholemeal toast, with goat’s cheese, grilled cheese, banana, walnuts and pistachios. It was absolutely superb, exploding with flavour and looking like a work of art on the place.

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Julie had the house lemonade to drink, which was well balanced between sharpness and sweetness and very refreshing. I went for a golden latte coffee, which is made with turmeric. It’s easy to spoil this with too much turmeric, but Munsoo got it just right. Apparently this is a great hangover cure, although I didn’t have one, so I can’t comment on it’s efficacy!

We were at Munsoo within a day or two of the place opening, and the service was a little slow, but it was also really busy. We found the staff very friendly and attentive.

In summary, a great addition to rural eateries in Lanzarote, excellent food, stunningly presented and really different, and lovely staff. Our bill came to €29.

We’ll be back, for sure.

Munsoo are at Calle San Juan Evangelista, 107, in Soo. They are open on Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 until midnight. The kitchen is open from 10:00 until 15:30 for lunch and 19:00 until 22:00 for dinner.

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