Meson La Taberna

Lanzarote Restaurant Review – Meson La Taberna, Playa Blanca

We hadn’t planned to eat out but circumstances had found us hungry and in need of food in Playa Blanca, and we discovered Meson La Taberna.

It’s almost an hours drive home for us from the resort of Playa Blanca, we had completed our Copa de Agua open water swim, it was too late for what we had planned so walking back to our car parked at Marina Rubicón we kept our options open.

We walked past the front of Meson La Taberna and it appeared to have just what we needed, a good selection of tapas and situated directly on the waterfront.  We took a table out on the terrace and our waiter offered to pull the windbreak down for us, there was a cool breeze blowing, it was 9pm and we were still wearing our shorts and t-shirts from the afternoon.

There were lots of dishes we fancied trying from the menu of tapas and montaditos such as the Jamón Ibérico and Anchoas del Cantábrico both of which Rick Stein loved from his recent programme of his visit to Spain. We both adore Papas Bravas, these are fried potatoes with spicy sauce so they were first on the order, followed by Pinchos de Pollo (chicken kebabs) and Churros de Pescado (deep fried pieces of fish), we paused there as we could always order more and was unsure of the portion size.

The food was presented all together and it looked fabulous!

I would be hard pressed to say which dish I enjoyed more, the potatoes were served as we’d eaten in Madrid when we first discovered papas bravas, drizzled with a spicy sauce and mayonnaise. The fish churros were filled with only the best quality white fish and a good covering of crispy batter, perfect with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Finally the chicken kebabs were succulent with a great flavour and impressive display of dipping sauce.

The bill for the food and two drinks was around €28.

Stopping at the Meson La Taberna had been a good shout, it wasn’t an evening for chilling out and relaxing, we just wanted to eat something good and go home but we’ll be back to try some of the other menu suggestions.

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