Lanzarote Restaurant Review – Mamma Mì, Playa Honda

We’d heard good things from Italian friends on the island, who described Mamma Mì as the most authentic pizza place in Lanzarote, so we had to try it out.

If you don’t want to read the whole review, I’ll tell you now, this is the best pizza I’ve had, since we were in Naples a couple of years ago. But read on, and you’ll see why:

The two key characters at the restaurant are Neapolitan Master Pizzaiolo Maurizio Ferrillo and Fabrizio Vaio, who oversees the dining area and welcomes guests. They learned their craft in Naples, producing the famous wood fired pizzas there, in their restaurant Ferrillo, and this one in Lanzarote is their new venture creating a bridge between Naples, with the volcano Vesuvius, and Lanzarote, with Timanfaya.

Mamma Mì is an expression you’ll hear often in Italy, to express delight, joy or wonder, and walking inside, the restaurant feels as though it could be in a side street in Naples, complete with washing on a line, football shirts, an ice cream bicycle and classic red and white checked table cloths. There are both inside and outside terrace tables available, as well stools at the bar.

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Fabrizio greeted us with a welcoming smile and we had a look at the menu. We knew pizzas would be the main event, but we also wanted to try some pasta, so we ordered a Margarita pizza with anchovies and a dish of pasta with sausage and pistachio to share, washed down with two glasses of Peroni beer.

As well as a huge selection of all the different types of pizza, they have a range of salad and bread starters, pasta dishes and even bocadillos, or sandwiches, for a quick lunch stop.

The pasta dish we chose was hearty and filling. The sausage was obviously home made, and it was served with the sauce from cooking it in olive oil and large tube pasta that was perfectly al dente. We dredged it in parmesan and loved every mouthful.

The pizza was simply perfect. Cooked on a wood fired oven, using only a few ingredients, but of the very highest quality, it had that crispy, puffy outer layer, with the succulent inner section adorned only with mozarella, tomato sauce, basil leaves and the anchovies we chose to add. As mentioned at the top, we had pizza in the most renowned and oldest pizza restaurant in Naples a few years ago. This was as good and without question, the best I’ve had in Lanzarote. I look forward to trying all the different versions there over the next few years.

Mamma Mì makes a big deal about using only the best ingredients, and it comes out in the flavours and the balance of two dishes we tried.

The restaurant is beautifully laid out, clean and comfortable, the service open and friendly and the beer crisp and cool.

Our total bill came to €34 for two main meals, two large beers and an Espresso.

Mamma Mì is On Calle Mayor, 6, in Playa Honda and is open from 13:00 until 15:30 from Tuesday to Saturday, and from 19:30 until 22:30 or 23:00. On Sundays, they are open from 19:30 to 23:00.

You can see their full menu and book a table via their website: Mamma Mì.

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