Lanzarote Restaurant Review – DER Brunch in Puerto del Carmen

We love our Sunday brunches, so we decided to try the brunch at DER in Puerto del Carmen. They’re located opposite Lidl in Calle Juan Carlos 1. There are tables on the patio and more inside and the place has a very upmarket café vibe and it feels like it should be located in Madrid or Barcelona. There’s a simply huge coffee bean roaster taking centre stage in the main room and they certainly take their coffee seriously.

They do more than just brunch, of course. It’s a place for coffee, it’s a bakery and they have a good selection for breakfast and lunch too.

It was quite busy when we arrived mid morning, and although there were four people in the open kitchen, there was only one person serving, so we had to wait some time to be seated.

When we were finally able to check the menu, there was a really interesting choice of breakfast and brunch items. The former consisted of various croissants and brioches, but we’d set our hearts on a brunch. Julie went for the “Summer love” and I went for “Superfood.”

Our coffee order was taken and arrived quickly, but the food took an age. This wasn’t down to the lack of serving staff, as another had come on duty, but because the cookery team try to get the whole brunch dish out at once. I think they’d be better off serving the courses separately.

But it arrived eventually, and looked amazing. Julie’s consisted of a smoothie, then yoghurt and fruit, followed by brioche served with salmon avocado and tomato. Mine was a green smoothie, then a fruit bowl, a french omelette and finally French toast with honey and cocoa.

The food was fabulous – really good quality and beautifully presented. For example, the omelette was basically deconstructed and served in a small tower. All the fruit and veg used was super fresh and obviously peeled and prepared specifically for us. And the portions were large – there was more than enough food to take the place of both breakfast and lunch. In fact, we only needed a snack in the evening.

It’s quite pricey if you think of it in café terms – our brunches were €17 to €18 each – so it isn’t something you’d choose to do every week, but it’s a fabulous treat when you do.

DER are also famous for their coffee. They roast and grind their own, and they even have tasting sessions. I ordered a cappuccino and it was smooth and done properly with foamed milk.

Booking is advised, you can call them 928 84 13 88 and they’re open from 0900 until 1600 from Wednesday to Friday, from 0900 until 2200 Saturday and from 1000 until 1600 on Sunday. They’re closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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