Lanzarote Recipe – Sundowner Mojito

There are few things better in life than chilling during warm, balmy evenings with a book and a nice drink. And one of our favourite ways to do that is with a Mojito.

Search the internet, or check your cocktail book, and you’ll find dozens of different recipes for the perfect Mojito. But fear not, we have diligently tried many on your behalf, and we think we may have come up with a winner!

I’ve deliberately used “measures” here so you can scale it according to how many you want to make. The key is to keep everything in balance. So a measure could be a shot glass, or it could be a pint!

The Ingredients

White Rum (Bacardi is fine, but Arehucas Ron Blanco is best) – 2 and a half measures

Juice of half a lime (Lemon will do, but lime is better)

3 sprigs of mint (fresh from your garden is best, but a teaspoon of dried mint or Hierbabuena will suffice in an emergency)

Sugar syrup – One measure (You can easily make this by boiling equal quantities of sugar and water for three minutes. You can store it in the fridge.)

Lemonade (best) or soda water (healthier) to top up

How to make it

Bruise the mint leaves and then add them to a shaker, add four ice cubes, the lime, the syrup and the rum. Give the mixture a really good shake until it’s cold and very well mixed. If you don’t have a shaker, either improvise one or use a blender.

Next prepare a tall glass and fill with crushed ice (cubes will do if you can’t be bothered with the whole bashing them on the floor in a tea towel thing) and the discarded lime or lemon. Now pour in your mixture, and top up with lemonade or soda. Use the strainer if you prefer not to have the mint leaves in the drink, although I  add them for more flavour and put straws in the glass.

What to do next

Settle yourself into a chair in the garden or on the patio, put on some good music, grab a book and sip slowly.

If you’re in Lanzarote, glance occasionally at the sky and consider how lucky you are. And if you’re not here, close your eyes and image that you are!

And if you want a tapa to enjoy with your drink: Lanzarote Recipe Gambas al ajillo.

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