Progress On Tabayesco Road

The Ayuntamiento de Haria has announced the plans to repair the Tabayesco road, which has been closed since December 2018. There are three sections of the road which need to be stabilised following landslides, and the whole road will be resurfaced. The project is going out to tender, but there is no word on when work will start so far.

Flights Cancelled Due To Storm Ciara

Two flights bound for UK and two for Germany were cancelled on Sunday because of the storms in northern Europe. The passengers were put up in hotels on the island and expected to fly home on Monday.

Work On Matagorda Promenade Re-Starts

Work on the promenade in Matagorda restarted on Monday. The reason given for the one month delay was “technical difficulties,” but we understand the issue was that the works were due to complete before the end of 2019 in order to receive a substantial subsidy towards the cost. The plan now is to finish all the work expect the asphalting of the bicycle lane and “some other elements.” A new project will be created to finish those jobs, with the aim of the work being completed by June 2020.

Report Into Timanfaya Aquifer Looks Promising

A report into the underground aquifer in Timanfaya has revealed that the huge natural underground well holds about 13 million cubic metres of water, which is replenished each year by rain falling in the area. The island uses about 12 million cubic metres per year, so this natural water supply, if it can be tapped, would provide more than enough without needing the desalination plant. The aquifer, essentially a huge underground cave, was formed by the eruptions. It lies between La Asomoda and La Geria.

Over One Third Of Residents Will Be Foreign by 2033

A report projecting Lanzarote’s population growth has been released. It is expected that the island’s population will rise to just under 200,000 by 2033, with 38% of them being foreigners.

Parque Atlantico Work Wil Restart

Yaiza Ayuntamiento has said that work will start again on the Atlantic Park project in the first half of 2020. Work was stopped following “serious breaches” by the original contractor. The 58,000 square metre park will have sports fields, changing rooms, a running track, gardens and pathways for walking.

Road Closures In Playa Blanca For Hand Bike Race

There will be some road closures for this weekend’s Salinas Handbike race. On 14th February the old road to Playa Blanca, the LZ701, will be closed from 1400 until 1700 between the La Hoya roundabout and FT in Playa Blanca, and on 15th February Avenida Papagayo, Calle Jaime Quesada, Avenida Femes and Calle Maciot in the town will be closed from 0700 until 1500. The town centre taxi rank will be moved for the day to the bus station.

Post Brexit Tax Increase For British Property Owners

British citizens who own and rent out properties in Lanzarote, and the rest of Spain, face a tax increase once the Brexit implementation period is over. EU citizens who own property here are taxed at 19% on their rental income, after expenses. Residents of non EU countries pay a higher tax of 25% and are not allowed to claim expenses.

Lanzarote Heineken Awards

The ninth edition of the Heineken gastronomy awards went well for Lanzarote businesses. Restaurante El Risco, in Famara, was chosen as The Canary Island’s best restaurant and the Isla de Lobos restaurant at the Princesa Yaiza hotel was chosen as the best in-hotel restaurants in the islands.

Cereal Crops Planted In Abandoned Fields

The continuing drought has lead to a lack of food for Lanzarote’s wildlife, and soil erosion in abandoned fields. 9,000 kilos of wheat is being planted by the society of hunters in various fields in the north of the island to provide food and prevent soil loss.

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