Lanzarote Remains In Level 4

At the latest update to the various levels of restrictions, The Canarian government has kept Lanzarote at Level 4. Although numbers of infections have been declining here for some time, there are still 19 people in ICU at the hospital. A further review will take place next Thursday.

Measures have also been tightened for the next 10 days, as it is normally carnival time here, and authorities want to prevent outbreaks caused by private celebrations.

Pfizer Vaccine Arrives

The Pfizer Covid vaccine, the third approved for use in Spain, has started shipping to The Canaries, with the first 14,000 doses being delivered this week to the islands.

“Lanzarote Premium” Strategy Takes Shape

Turismo Lanzarote has begun a series of meetings with airlines and tour operators in Singapore, The United States, Canada and Abu Dhabi, with the aim of attracting premium clients from those countries in the future. The aim of Lanzarote Premium is to position the island “as a unique and singular destination, which has all the potential to attract a type of high-end tourism worldwide.”

“Switchback” Road Closed Over Weekend

The LZ10 road from Mirador de Haria into the valley was closed at the weekend after a rock fall caused by rain. Diggers removed the rock fall and the road was re-opened on Sunday evening.

President Appeals For Compliance To End Level 4 Restrictions

President of The Cabildo, Dolores Corujo, appealed to Lanzarote citizens to continue to comply with all the rules of Level 4 restrictions, with the aim of getting back to lower levels and re-opening the economy.

Submarine Electricity Cable To Join Islands

Work will start later this year on laying a 14.5KM long underwater electricity cable which will join Lanzarote and Fuerteventura’s grids. The Cable will smooth out peaks and troughs in demand on the island, passing electricity in both directions when needed, and also provide cover if one island’s grid suffers an outage. The total cost of the project is €36 million.

Tias Applies To Costas For New Sunbed Contract

Tias Ayuntmiento has formally applied to Costas for permission to put out to tender the contract for sunbeds on Puerto del Carmen’s beaches. They are looking for a contractor to provide the service for a 4 year period. The overall numbers of sunbeds and umbrellas across the beaches will be slightly lower than with the previous contract, but the provision for an ocean based water park is included.

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