New Shopping Centre And Park Area For Puerto del Carmen

Initial plans have been released for the potential construction of a new shopping area with parks in Puerto del Carmen. The project, if approved, will be built on the 43,000 Square metre plot near the Rancho Texas roundabout, on the Rambla Islas Canarias and backing on to Calles Belgica, Noruega and Hungria. The plans show plots of just over 3,000 metres and around 5,500 metres for parks. The commercial centre will be around 15,000 metres, with the rest of the land for streets and parking.

Melia Salinas Upgrades Due to Finish In June

The refurbishment of the Melia Salinas five star hotel in Costa Teguise should be completed in June, and the hotel is planning a grand “reopening” ceremony. The budget for the works has been over €2.5 million.

Highest Ever Employment Figures

The island has for the first time exceeded 58,000 people with jobs. Arrecife leads the jobs boom, with almost 21,000 workers, Tias has nearly 11,00, Yaiza 8,800 and Teguise just over 8,000. Haria has the fewest, with 1,000 people working

Oswaldo Betancort Running For Canarian Parliament

Teguise’s mayor Oswaldo Betancort is running for a seat in The Canaria Parliament at the upcoming elections in May. He will also run for another term as Mayor of Teguise. It’s fairly common for mayors to also have a seat in parliament. Betancort is a member of Coalición Canaria.

Audi Drivers In Lanzarote

Audi’s racing drivers for their DTM and Formula E cars have been pre season training at Club la Santa here in Lanzarote. They’ve been road biking, mountain biking across lava fields, surfing, stand-up paddling, boxing, water polo, weight training and rock climbing. They were set an interesting team challenge as well – building a garden shed!

Storm damages pontoon in La Graciosa

Strong winds gusting up to 70KMH caused one of the pontoons in La Graciosa harbour to break free on Thursday. The delegate councillor on the island urged the port authority to make repairs as soon as possible.

Police seize €400,000 of counterfeit goods

Local police raided several asian-run shops in Arrecife this week and seized fake t shirts, handbags, hats and caps. They also took away a range of children’s toys which were found not to meet European safety standards. In one example, pots of “slime” were found to contain dangerous levels of boron.

Scooters still in place

The “app” scooters in Arrecife, which we reported had been removed by police are still on the streets of the capital. It seems there is some dispute over whether the new service is legal or not, so police are waiting for a decree from the ayuntamiento.

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