Big Waves

The weather service has issued a warning for waves of up to 6 metres on Monday and Tuesday this week. This is the edge of a storm north of us, and should clear by mid week.

Name Change For Electricity Company

Endesa, Lanzarote’s electricity company is changing it’s name to Energia XXI with immediate effect. The new website, where you can log in and check your bills and make changes is at

Electric Hire Cars

Cicar and Cabrera Medina have announced that they will be offering electric cars on their hire fleets in 2020. In a €2 Million investment for the first tranche of 250 cars in the spring, the company has said it will offer the cars at the same price as fossil fuelled vehicles. Cars from Opel, Mercedes, BMW, Smart, Seat and Volvo will feature.

Planning Issues Resolved For La Islote

The troubles seem to be over for the “island” off the coast of Arrecife, where a swimming pool and various leisure facilities have been built. The Costas department have approved the work and CACT will manage the facility, which should open sometime in the new year.

Aircraft Diverted

Several aircraft had to be diverted to other islands on Monday as strong cross winds made landings difficult. Flights were diverted to Fuertventura and Gran Canaria. Most flew back to Lanzarote the same day, but one was delayed until Tuesday. Lanzarote Webcam caught some amazing video:

Uber Eats Comes To Lanzarote

Uber Eats, the food delivery service, arrived in Lanzarote this week. Using the Uber Eats app, users in Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen will be able to order food deliveries from, initially, 16 restaurants on the island.

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