Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 51

Senior’s Belén Excursions

More than 100 senior citizens from Arrecife were taken on an excursion around the island’s nativity displays this week. The trip takes place every year and is funded by the Ayuntamiento.

King In The Canaries

King Felipe gave a speech this week in Las Palmas, as part of a conference on the Digital economy. he joked that The Canaries are the best part of Spain to visit at this time of year.

Fisherman Rescued By Helicopter

A lone fisherman from Orzola, whose engine failed, was spotted by an aircraft around 20 KM off the coast of Lanzarote. The aircraft alerted Air Sea Rescue services, and he was picked up by helicopter.

Historic Number Of Passengers In November

Lanzarote had the highest number of passengers through the airport for any November. A total of 632,229 passengers arrived in the island in the month – 11.9% higher than November 2019, the previous record. Other airports in The Canaries as a whole also had high numbers, averaging 4.5% more passengers than in November 2019, before the pandemic.

Yellow Warning For Waves On Friday

AEMET has issued a yellow warning for big seas this Friday from 6AM. Waves of up to 4 metres are expected, especially on north west coasts.

San Bartolomé Will Lead End Of Year Bells For New Year

Each year, a church in The Canaries is chosen to provide the live broadcast of bells to see in the new year. The islands are one hour behind Spanish time, so the bells from Madrid, broadcast on national TV don’t work for The Canaries. Television Canarias will broadcast the local bells on the night from the church tower in the town square in San Bartolomé in Lanzarote this year.

Car Wrecks Removed From Risco

The remains of 15 vehicles which have gone over the cliffs at Risco de Famara over many years will be removed this Thursday by a team of firefighters, with helicopter assistance. Firefighters have already descended the cliffs and stacked the parts into bags which will be lifted off by the helicopter.

Billabong Quemao Class Looking Imminent

Weather conditions are looking good between 17 and 21st December for the famous Quemao Class surfing competition in La Santa. The contest has no fixed date, and surfers from all over the world are here now, just waiting for the right conditions. We’ll post as soon as dates are confirmed.

Belén Figures Stolen

The figures of five camels and a shepherd were stoled from the nativity display in Yaiza overnight on Sunday. The theft has been denounced by the Ayuntamiento and they are installing CCTV cameras to prevent future thefts. The bespoke figures will have to be re-made.

Meteor Show Expected Tuesday

An intense meteor shower is expected on both Tuesday and Thursday night this week, which should be visible across The Canaries, despite the very bright moon currently. The Geminids metro shower is an annual occurrence and can lead to more than 100 meteors being visible per hour. There will be live TV coverage on from the observatories in Tenerife and La Palma.

Normal Weather Returns

After a cloudy week with showers, the Atlantic Cold Front has left the region, and normal winter weather is now expected on the island, with blue skies, light wins, sunshine and daytime temperatures of around 25 degrees.

Teguise Belén Open

The nativity display in Teguise opened over the weekend. It’s located in front of the church.

Lanzaroteño Founder Working On World Wide Mobility

Emilio Mellado, who was born in Arrecife in 1984, is the founder of a Madrid based company which is already revolutionising transport – subscription based car use. His company’s technology is behind Mondocar, a car subscription scheme which is is use on the mainland, and supplies cars to the Real Madrid football team. Emilio’s company is also working with Voltio, a start up that will launch with 500 electric cars, where users will pay just 30 cents per minute while using the car, and 15 cents per minute while it’s “Paused.”

We’ll add more news here as it comes in this week……

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