Arrested For Transporting Heroin To Lanzarote

Guardia Civil officers detained a man who was seen to be acting nervously at the airport last week after arriving on the flight from Belgium. He was taken to Arrecife General hospital for an X Ray which showed 60 pellets in his body. Once they were removed, it was found the pellets contained almost 700 grammes of the drug. He has been detained for trial.

Call For Tightening Of Measures In Tenerife

While other islands have shown stable or reducing numbers of Covid cases over the last few weeks, those in Tenerife have increased dramatically. The health service on the island are calling for stricter measures to contain the outbreaks and are now advocating that Tenerife is moved back to Phase of the post lockdown restrictions.

Canarian Residents Offered Free Tests To Return Home For Christmas

The Canarian Government is offering free Covid Antigen tests to residents who are currently on the mainland and want to return home for Christmas. They have designated test centres in many cities on the peninsular where tests can be booked and paid for by the government.

Immigrants Paying €2000 For Passage To Islands

The owner of one of the boats that brought immigrants to Lanzarote from Africa over the summer has been speaking anonymously to newspaper La Vanguardia. He charges €2000 per passenger and estimates he has made over €70,000 in 2020 from the trafficking.

Covid Vaccinations To Start In January

Spain has ordered 140 million doses of the Covid vaccine, and is planning to start the vaccination process in all communities on around 4th or 5th January. The objective is to have the entire population of 46 million people vaccinated by August 2021.

Fermina Islet To Open?

The CEO of CACT has announced that the Fermina Islet in Arrecife is going to open in January. The recreational centre has been the subject of delays to its opening for many years. Entry will be free, and most facilitates will be open, but the main attraction, which is the large swimming pool will not be available initially, as it has a leak which needs to be repaired.

Rescue From Russian Nuclear Ship

A Russian nuclear powered freighter, Sevmorput, made an emergency call while sailing close to the islands. The Captain had fallen ill with suspected meningitus. At the time, the ship was suffering from mechanical problems, so it was being carefully watched by Spanish Coast Guard. The Captain was taken off by helicopter and flown to Las Palmas for treatment. The ship have now resumed it’s original course to St Petersburg, despite propellor damage.

Warmest Autumn Since 1961

The islands enjoyed their warmest autumn for nearly 60 years, with average temperatures about three degrees higher than normal for the time of year.

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