European Space Agency Using Lanzarote To Simulate Moon

The ESA has been using the island once again to simulate the moon. Astronauts have been practicing wearing collecting samples, using Lanzarote’s unique surface as part of Project Pangaea X, which aims to understand the geological make up of the moon much better with a future landing.

British Residents Will Be Able To Vote In May Elections

As EU citizens, British residents have aways been able to vote in the local municipal elections here. There has been some doubt as to whether they will retain that right for this year’s elections in May, but it has now been confirmed that they will be able to vote. British residents are being urged to register at their local Ayuntamiento in order to do so as soon a possible.

Construction To Start Soon On La Perla Shopping Centre

The building permit is finally being processed for the new shopping centre on the site of the old La Perla complex. The new centre will retain the name La Perla and will have 25,000 M2 of built area, with 359 underground parking spaces.

UK Government Advises British Citizens To Ensure They Have Health Cover

The UK government has issued advice that citizens travelling abroad in the event of a no deal Brexit should check health care arrangements carefully, and ensure they have adequate insurance, as EHIC cards may no longer be accepted for treatment.

Norwegian Airlines Spark Concern

The low cost carrier Norwegian has caused concern with a  huge drop in share value following IAG walking away from a potential deal to buy them. The airline is now looking to raise over €300 Million in a rights issue, and will seek to reduce costs by trimming some routes and cancelling orders for new aircraft.

Ryanair’s O’Leary In Trouble Again

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary managed to irritate the Spanish last week when he presented details of Ryanair’s new routes to Israel, with the words “people are fed up with The Canaries.” Ryanair brings 6.5 million passengers to the islands each year.

Israel has set their stall out to compete with The Canaries for tourism business, and is looking to match pricing and to offer a similar product.

Puerto del Carmen Records Highest Apartment Occupancy In Spain

Puerto del Carmen’s apartment complexes had an average occupancy of almost 85% during 2018, making it Spain’s highest occupancy in what is called the “Extrahotel” (apartment) area. The average stay of people in apartments was 8.37 days.

Yellow Alerts For Waves On Saturday

A yellow warning has been issued for big waves. The alert runs from 0600 until midnight and waves up 4 to 5 metres are expected.

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