“British Variant” Of Covid On Islands

49 cases of the so called British variant of Covid, known as the Kent variant in the UK, have been detected on the islands, with 4 of those in Lanzarote, the other 34 in Tenerife. The variant is known to be significantly more transmissible than previous versions. More than 7,000 samples from active cases were tested across the islands. No cases of the South African or Brazilian variants were found.

New Motoring Laws Due Soon

The DGT has announced changes to several motoring laws here in Spain. The date of implementation isn’t known yet, but it is imminent. The biggest changes are around cyclists – car drivers will now be expected to give cyclists at least two metres of space when overtaking, previously 1.5 metres, and will be required to overtake at 20kmh below the speed limit. For example, on a 90kmh road, they should overtake at no more than 70kmh. This is being implemented because road deaths of cyclists have increased over the last year, where deaths in all other types of road situations have decreased.

Licence points for some offences have also been increased, from 3 to 6 for holding a mobile phone while driving, and from 3 to 4 for not wearing a seat belt, children not being on correct seats or boosters and not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle.

200 Sanctioned On First Weekend Of Level 4

More than 200 individuals and businesses were sanctioned on Saturday for failing to comply with the new restrictions brought to the island as we moved to Level 4. Nine hospitality businesses in Tias municipality were among them.

Islands Agree Budget To Market To Digital Nomads

The islands have agreed a budget of €500,000 to specifically market The Canaries as a fabulous destination for digital nomads and remote workers. The budget will be uses to attract around 30,000 to the islands.

New Credit Line for Self Employed

A new credit line of around €6 million is to be made available in March to self employed people. They will be able to claim up to €2,500 if their income has been affected by the pandemic.

CACT Workers Agree To Take Holiday To Avoid Being Laid Off

Staff at the CACT centres have reached an agreement to take their annual leave over the next three months, allowing the centres to remain open with half their usual staff. By doing so, the full team should be back at work for April, and nobody will be put onto the ERTE scheme.

Schools Unlikely to Close

In a press conference, Canarian Health Minister Blas Trujillo said there are currently no plans to close schools in Lanzarote, because there is no evidence that the virus has been spread in schools. He went on to say that it’s too early to contemplate new measures for Lanzarote, but that it will be reviewed weekly. Possible future steps, if the numbers don’t start to decrease, would include closing non essential businesses at 2PM, and even municipality perimeter closures.

Call For Quiet In Nesting Areas

Following the rain, there are many birds nesting in the Jable area of the island currently. Environment groups have asked walkers and cyclists using the Jable to keep noise to a minimum in the area.

New Fish Cannery In Arrecife

Arrecife was once the epicentre of the tuna and sardine canning industry for the islands, but all the canneries gradually closed. A new firm, conserves Toledo, has been launched this week, and will be selling locally caught Tuna, not canned, but in glass jars. The gourmet product is cooked to a special recipe and will go on sale in the coming weeks.

Lanzarote Pitches For Climate Change Station

The President of The Cabildo had a virtual meeting with The United Nations this week to suggest Lanzarote is an ideal location for one of ten climate change observatories around the world to monitor changing weather conditions on the planet. The observatory would be located in the Islote de Fermina in Arrecife.

New Hiperdino Supermarket For Arrecife

Planning permission has been granted for a new 12,000 M2 Hiperdino supermarket in the Argana Alta area of Arrecife. The new building will have two floors and a basement, as well as parking for 300 cars.

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