Cabildo Christmas Tree Unveiled

A 20 metre high Christmas Tree was unveiled outside The Cabildo in Arrecife this week. The tree features 50,000 lights and at the side of it there is a Belén, or nativity display with more than 300 figures. The whole display will be there until 8th January.

Readers Raise €1000 For Charity

Readers Linda and Bill Hurren raised €1000 for the charity Perpetuarte, by holding a ¨rice and spice¨evening at their home. 34 guests joined them for a meal of Chilli, curry or pasta.

Fariones Group Ordered to Pay €200,000

The hotel group has been ordered to pay €200,000 to Tias Ayuntamiento for “illegal occupation of public land.” In a row which has been brewing for some time, Mayor Pancho Hernández welcomed the ruling and said he would not bow to pressure being brought on him by owner Juan Francisco Rosa. The opposition party claimed that only 40% of the modernisation plan for Puerto del Carmen had carried out, while Hernández retorted that he would show papers that prove 80% has been. He said the hold ups were with the companies carrying out the work, rather than with his administration.

Hoteliers Meet British Ambassador

Local hoteliers met with British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, to discuss the potential implications of Brexit, with 49% of our tourism coming from the United Kingdom. The meeting took place at the Melia Salinas Hotel in Costa Teguise and afterwards, President of the hoteliers association ASOLAN, Susana Pérez said:

“The Canary Islands have a special relationship with the United Kingdom, as shown by the fact that in 2017, more than five million British tourists spent their holidays on the islands. Of them, about one and a half million of them came to Lanzarote, an island that is always a great pleasure to visit due to its nature and its art. 

British tourists love the Canaries, so I think it is good news that the political declaration that the UK and the EU have agreed on our future relationship suggests that there could be agreements that would facilitate the continuation of tourist flows between the Kingdom Kingdom and the Canary Islands. This is an important step in the right direction. “

Red Flags On Beaches

Despite the fabulous weather this week, far off Atlantic swells have caused big waves at some beaches of the island leading to red flags at Famara, Playa Grande and Playa Chica.

Madrid To Celebrate New Year Twice For The Canaries

Puerta del Sol is the amazing square in the heart of Madrid, and is where thousands go to see in the new year. This year, after the eating of the grapes and the traditional midnight fireworks, the clock in the square will be put back to 1100 to reflect Canary Islands’ time, and midnight will be celebrated all over again and hour later.

Direct Flights To Venice

Easyjet have inaugurated a new twice weekly service between Lanzarote and Venice. The first flight arrived this week, and was greeted with the traditional water canon from the airport’s fire tender, and passengers were given welcome cake.

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