Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 47

Old Coin Found At San Marcial de Rubicon

A student from a school in Playa Blanca, while on a school trip to the site of the first European settlement in Lanzarote, found an old coin and handed it over to the archaeologists working there. It is known that Juan de Betancort, who lead the expedition in the 15th century had been given permission by The King of Spain to mint his own currency, and if it turns out to be one of those coins, it will be extremely valuable.

Texas Town Founded By Lanzaroteños Begins Planning Anniversary

The Texas town of San Antonio, which was founded by seven Lanzarote families, is already planning the 300th anniversary of its founding, which will take place in 2031. Two representatives of the committee are in Lanzarote this week, to learn more about the island and to help with their planning for a new museum in San Antonio.

Madrid Hotel With Lanzarote Connection Recognised By Forbes

The Siete Islas Hotel in Madrid, owned by the Rosa family from Lanzarote since 2002, has been named by Forbes as one of the best hotels in Spain’s capital.

Awards For Lanzarote Salt

The famous Salinas de Janubio salt pans have won two awards at the Concurso Agro Canarias 2023 – a Gold Medal for their Flor de Sal, and an award for the best innovation, images and presentation.

Pedro Sánchez To Remain As PM

Following the general election last July, the two leading candidates have been seeking support from other parties in order to reach a majority of 179 votes or more. The existing Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has achieved the objective. The leader of the PSOE party will start his second term officially this week.

More Hot Weather

More hot weather will arrive on the island this week, with day time temperatures of up to 32 degrees expected. It is expected to last until at least Thursday, with strong winds and some haze in the sky.

Saborea Lanzarote Festival This Month

The Sabre Lanzarote food festival returns to Teguise this month, on the 25th and 26th November. This year’s event will be bigger and better than ever, with many local restaurants and bars represented, and additionally sections for restaurants in mainland Spain, other Canary Islands and a guest city, Porto, in Portugal. Read more here. Saborea Lanzarote.

Record October For Airport……

October 2023 saw the highest number of passengers travelling through Cesar Manrique Airport in history. A total of 722,589 visitors passed through, 6.2% up on the same month last year. The airport is also likely to exceed the all time annual record this year and is now 12.3% ahead of 2022.

…..And For Temperatures

October was the hottest on the island since records began in 1961, with the average temperature being 3.6 degrees higher than normal. 26 “tropical” nights, where temperatures did not fall below 20 degrees were recorded during the month, with a daytime high of 35.9 degrees recorded in Tias.

28% Of Property Sales To Foreigners

28% of sales of properties in Q3 went to foreign buyers in The Canaries, second only to the Balearic Islands as the highest foreign percentage in Spain. The top five nationalities of buyers are British, German, French, Belgian and Moroccan.

Christmas Lights Switched On At Biosfera Shopping Centre

The Christmas lights have already been turned on at the Biosfera Centre in Puerto del Carmen. The centre piece is a tall Christmas tree, which spans several floors of the centre.

We’ll add more news here as it comes in…..

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