Manrique’s Twin Sister Dies

Cesar Manrique’s twin sister Amparo dies this week aged 99. Amparo lived quietly in Arrecife and leaves behind 4 children, 8 grand children and two great, great grandchildren.

New Tourist Map For Puerto del Carmen

A new map, finally updated with the new road system in the resort, has been created by Ayuntamiento de Tias, for the island’s largest resort. The map will be widely available free of charge in tourist information centres.

Five Arrested At Airport With False Passports

Five people were arrested this week at the airport, while attempting to leave the island on flights to Manchester and Dublin, using forged passports. They were from Georgia and Iran.

Heavy Rain Forecast

The tail of Tropical Storm Diana will reach the island on Thursday this week, bringing heavy rain, with a second front due to arrive across the islands on Saturday.

Update: 9 flights were diverted as unable to land at Lanzarote on Thursday, 8 of them from UK.

Driver Charged After Uploading Speeding Video to Social Network

A 25 year old man has been charged by Guardia Civil traffic officers after loading a video to a popular social media website showing his speedometer as he travelled along LZ3 at over 200KMH. If found guilty of reckless driving he faces a possible prison sentence of 2 to 5 years and a loss of his driving licence for 12 or 24 months.

Rental Scammer Detained

A 38 year old man has been detained for allegedly running a property rental scam. He took a deposit and rental of €1332 and provided a long term rental contract for a property for which he had no representation. The victim, feeling something was wrong, contacted the person named on the contract as the owner, who did not own the property in question.

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