Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 44

18 Year Old Dies After Falling From Balcony

An 18 year old British man fell from a balcony at and apartment complex in Costa Teguise in the early hours of Tuesday morning. He was stabilised at the scene by emergency services, and transferred to the hospital in Arrecife, where he subsequently died from catastrophic injuries sustained in the fall.

Volkswagen Importer Celebrates 70 Years In The Canaries

Domingo Alonso Group, the importer of Volkswagen cars celebrated 70 years this week since they first took on the brand in 1953. Starting with the original Beetle, the company has sold 208,000 cars on the island since.

Moon Camera Tested In Lanzarote

A camera designed to be used to take picture of the moon has been tested in Lanzarote this week, both in full daylight and in some of the islands cave systems.

The new lunar camera is built from professional cameras available on the market with great sensitivity to light and state-of-the-art lenses. To prepare it for space, several modifications were made, including the addition of a blanket for dust and thermal protection, because the temperatures on the Moon are between 120 and minus 200 degrees.

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, one of the most prolific photographers in orbit, praised the design after using it. “The engineers have done a really good job reconfiguring the buttons and arranging them in a simple but reliable protection for the camera,”

Clocks Change This Sunday

The clocks go back by one hour in The Canaries this Sunday 28th October, meaning we will enjoy lighter mornings, but earlier sunsets for the winter months.

Ten Cruise Ships Due In During Last Week Of October

Ten cruise ships, carrying 25,000 people, will stop over in Arrecife in the last week of October.

Lanzarote Hotels Had Highest Occupancy In September

Lanzarote’s hotels had the highest occupancy in the archipelago in September, at 75.6%. The average visitor stayed for 7.2 nights, compared to Gran Canaria at 6.7 and Tenerife at 6.2.

Electric Bikes Planned For Arrecife

Arrecife city council has put out to tender the supply of 61 electric bikes, which can be hired via an app, to allow people to get around the capital. There will be 9 areas with parking places with built in chargers for the bikes.

Lionel Morales Wins Triathlon Championship

Lanzarote’s Lionel Morales won the World Triathlon Championship in Malaga at the weekend, guaranteeing his place at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

Canarian Government Working On Letting Law

Various councils within the government are currently working on creating a new law regulating holiday letting of properties across the islands. The head of tourism planning said: “The main and only objective is a sustainable management of the tourist use of housing, that is, to recover a balance that today does not exist because we only have a minimum decree of the year 2015 that did not establish quantitative or qualitative limits to holiday housing.”

The Canaries currently has 46,000 tourist homes, offering 193,000 accommodation places, or around 33% of the tourist offer.

26 New Buses For Lanzarote

Arrecife Bus has announced it is expanding its fleet with the acquisition of 26 buses. The new buses will be state of the art, with very low CO2 emissions.

New Planting At Bosquecillo

100 trees have been planted at the Bosquecillo de Haria, known as the secret forest. The trees were provided by the Dinosol foundation and planted by workers from Hiperdino Supermarkets.

We’ll add more news here as it comes in this week…….

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