Spain Extends State Of Alarm

The Spanish government has confirmed a 15 day State of Alarm, which is likely to be extended until May 2021. This is simply a mechanism that will allow them to put in place specific measures for regions with high rates of Covid transmission. The first step is a night curfew, which has been applied in most regions, but from which The Canary Islands are exempt.

Bookings Up 88%

Travel bookings for The Canaries shot up by 88% over the weekend as British and German travellers booked following the opening of the air corridor with those countries.

Motorhome Site For Playa Honda

San Bartolomé ayuntamiento are going to create a motorhome site as part of the work on the new urban park close to the airport. It will be the first site on the island dedicated to motor homes. It will have a maximum of 8 motorhome spaces and people will be limited to stays of up to 72 hours.

Queen To Visit Arrecife Food Bank

Queen Sofia will visit the food bank in Arrecife as well as the one in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is part of the round of visits the Queen is making to food banks across Spain.

Airport Expansion Gets Green Light

A planned expansion of César Manrique Airport has been given the go ahead after an environmental study was successfully passed. The extension includes an additional 7 parking spaces for commercial aircraft, as well as 7 more places for light aircraft  and 3 helicopters by the General Aviation terminal.

Netherlands Remove Canary Islands From Not Safe For Travel List

The Netherlands have removed the islands from their “Not safe” list, and flights from Holland will resume shortly.

Help For Young Residents To Buy Homes

A budget of €3 Million has been set up to help Canarian residents under the age of 35 to buy their first homes. Buyers can apply for a grant of 20% of the purchase price, to a maximum of €11,000 to help get them on the property ladder.

Look Out For Corey’s Shearwaters!

Young Corey’s Shearwaters, which have hatched on the outlying islands are taking off for the first time currently. They can become confused by the lights of towns on Lanzarote and sometimes land on this island. They are not able to take off again from land and many die because of it. Look out for them, and if you spot one, put it in a box and call 112 for help. This will last until the end of November, when all the chicks will have left the area.

Covid Carrying Passenger Fined €1500

The passenger who chose to fly to Lanzarote in May this year, despite having been in contact with other people who had tested positive and while waiting for his won test results,  has been fined €1500. A resident of Lanzarote, he had been attending a funeral in Ciudad Real, and his test came back positive while he was on the flight. Medical authorities in Ciudad Real alerted police on the island, who met the aircraft.

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