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Lanzarote News in Brief – Week 41

Transport Strike Suspended

Strikes called by unions for transport workers could cause some disruption on the island as delivery drivers and tourist coach drivers join the action. Currently, strikes are planned for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, through October, but it its hoped an agreement is reached with the union this week. One Monday morning it became apparent that the most affected sector was the tourist excursion buses on the island, many of which were cancelled. Airport transfer buses ran to about 30% capacity.

There is a meeting between union leaders and employers on Tuesday this week and it’s hoped the matter will be resolved.

Update: The strike has been suspended, following the meeting on Tuesday, and it is hoped an agreement will be signed in the coming days.

8 Islands Cycling Challenge

The Canary Islands Tourism department has created a very detailed web page for any cyclists who want to take up the 8 islands cycling challenge, and follow in the footsteps of Pol Tarrés, a trail cycling professional who is doing the challenge currently. You can see all the details here: 8 Islands Cycling Challenge.

Work Starts On New Underpass for LZ-2

Work started this week on the new, second underpass on the LZ-2 dual carriageway which runs through Playa Honda. The new underpass will have a car lane, a cycle lane and a pedestrian lane. Work is expected to take six months.

50 Years Of Naturism

The naturist village of Charco del Palo celebrated 50 years since it’s founding in 1973 this week. A small celebration, arranged by the Ayuntamiento of Haria, took place in the commercial centre.

Subsidised Strawberry Plants

The Cabildo will be making around 70,000 strawberry plants available at a subsidised cost to farmers who choose to plant them this winter. The plants will arrived on the island later this month.

First Visit Of Costa Firenze

The cruise ship made her first visit to Lanzarote this week, and The Mayor presented a plaque to commemorate it, and local musicians played music as the passengers disembarked. Costa Firenze has capacity for about 5,000 passengers.

Local Free Diver Breaks Records

Marta Gil, who is from Tenerife, but lives in Tinajo, broke two national records for free diving at an event in Cyprus this week. She descended to 74 metres on day three of the event, and then broke here own record by going down to 77 metres. Marta is ranked number one in Spain for the sport, and is in the world’s top 50.

High Temperature Alert To Continue Into Weekend

The yellow alert for high temperatures on the island has been extended to at least Sunday by the health department. The highest temperatures are expected inland and away from the coasts.

Unemployment Down 16% Year on Year

The unemployment figures for September showed a drop of 3.4% versus August, which is a massive 16.2% down on the same month last year.

We’ll add more brief news as it comes in this week…..

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