Three Overturns In One Weekend

In a bizarre set of coincidences, three cars left the road at various points on the island, and overturned last weekend. The first was at the Montaña Blanca roundabout and the sole occupant was uninjured, the second was in Yaiza, and the driver appears to have left the scene, and the final one took place on the Famara Teguise road. The driver was found unconscious by passers by, and taken to hospital for treatment.

Costas Say Fariones Cannot Charge For Use Of The New Dock Unless It Is For Boats

The controversial €10 charge being levied by Hotel Fariones for access to the new dock built at the back of the hotel to use the dock area for sunbathing, has been questioned by Departamento Costas. A spokesman said maritime areas must be free to access, unless they are being used by boats and the charge is being levied for that reason. The matter has been passed back to Ayuntamiento de Tias to deal with. In the meantime, a review is being carried out on the refurbishment of The Fariones, to ensure it meets all the originally agreed specifications in the planning application.

Markets and Parks Re-Open

The mayors of the municipalities have agreed to allow parks and markets to re-open once again. They have been closed since the second wave began in Lanzarote. They should all re-open this week.

Arrecife Poorest Capital In The Islands

The average income of Arrecife residents is €21,640, which compares unfavourably with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at €28,916 and Santa Cruz de Tenerife at €27,814. Arrecife also has the lowest average income on Lanzarote, with Teguise being the highest at €26,531.

Bottling Underway In The Bodegas

The bodegas have started bottling the 2020 vintage of Lanzarote wines. This process starts with the delivery of the official Denominacion de Origen (D.O.) labels for the back of the bottles. The first batch of labels have gone out to Bodegas Martinón and Bodegas La Florida.

Couple Arrested For Cultivating Marijuana

A German couple living in Yaiza were arrested after neighbours complained of a strong smell of marijuana coming from their property. Investigating, police found 17 plants being grown in a greenhouse and bags containing several kilograms of buds.

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