Tragic Death Of British Woman

We wrote last week about a 38 year old British tourist whose heart was restarted after drowning in a hotel swimming pool. She was transported to Arrecife General Hospital in critical condition, but sadly she died over the weekend.

Suite Hotel Fariones Begins Refurbishment

Rather than re-opening post Covid lockdown, the management of Suite Hotel Fariones have taken the decision to keep the hotel closed and to start work on the planned refurbishment work. They are currently estimating that the hotel will now open until April 2022.

Occupancy In August Was Only 38%

Lanzarote typically enjoys occupancy rates of 80 to 90% and the general perception is that 50% is required for hotels to break even. In August the hotels that were open recorded a very low 38% occupancy. In total 108 hotels were open, up from 90 in July, but way down on the 259 in August 2019. Total visitor numbers in August were 70,052, significantly up on the 42,172 in July, but way down on the 282,000 in August 2019.

ERTE Scheme Extended To 31st January

The ERTE scheme, which pays furloughed employees has been extended from 30th September until 31st January 2021. The scheme will pay employees 70% of their usual salary, but here in the Canaries, the government tops up those payments – on October to 100% of salary, in November 90%, December 85% and January 2021 to 80%.

Timanfaya To Be Connected To Grid

Currently all the electricity required to run the Timanfaya centre in the fire mountains, is produced using two diesel generators, as the centre has never been connected to the electrify grid. Plans have been announced by The Cabildo to connect the centre to the mains grid, finally getting rid of the generators, which are considered no longer suitable in a a national park.

TUI Restart Flights To Canaries

TUI have confirmed they will restart flights from Germany to the islands starting this Saturday, 3rd October. Initially they will offer seven flights a week, expecting to carry around 1500 passengers. They are anticipating that the islands will be removed from the not safe to fly zone by the German government in a matter of days.

Hunters Arrested

A group of hunters were arrested at Charco del Palo this week after a report from a resident there. They were using a ferret to capture Corey’s Shearwaters nesting in the area. Shearwaters are a protected species.

Cabildo To Increase Inspections Of Tour Guides

Following a meeting with the group representing the island’s official tour guides, The Cabildo has agree to increase the number of inspections they carry out to try to reduce the number of unofficial guides carrying out business on the island.

Guardia Civil Denounce Social Media Racist Hoax

Social media posts were circulated this week suggesting a girl was stabbed by a Moroccan man  in Playa Honda and had her mobile phone stolen. The police have said this crime did not take place at and they are actively pursuing the source of the hoax.

Drought Forces Vine Growers To Consider Emergency Irrigation

The island’s vine growers in La Geria are considering carrying out an emergency irrigation in the area in order to save some of the older vines, which have suffered from the lack of water. With no appreciable rainfall for well over a year now, the deep subsoil has completely dried out.

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