Thomas Cook Collapse Leaves €24 Million Debt

Hoteliers and other suppliers on the island are facing a loss of around €24 Million in updaid bills from the tour operator, dating back to July. There are fears that some accommodation owners will face insolvency based on losing their income for the key summer months, and also losing forward bookings over the next year. The Canarian government is working on an emergency support plan for businesses affected.

Thomas Cook Repatriation Underway

The repatriation of around 30,000 Thomas Cook clients from The Canaries is underway and running quite smoothly. The CAA website is posting details of flights each day, and many are running to the original timings. The repatriation will take until 6th October.

Salmonella Outbreak In Playa Honda

23 people have been affected by the salmonella bug after eating a tortilla at the Asadero de Pollos Arrocha in Playa Honda. The business, which has been trading for 40 years, had a similar issue on 2017.

Jet 2 Announce Plans To Add 50 Extra Flights per Week

Jet 2 have announced they are planning an extra 50 flights per week to The Canaries to take over some of the slots previously used by Thomas Cook. At this stage, it’s not clear how many are for Lanzarote, or which UK airports they will fly from.

Castillo Santa Barbara Restoration

The castle, overlooking La Villa de Teguise is to have works aimed at restoring damage to facing walls, waterproofing, new locks, glass and carpentry, to a value of around €900,000. The job is about to go to tender.

First Autonomous Buses Due In Timanfaya In May 2020

Testing is being carried out currently on the new autonomous electric buses which will be used in The Fire Mountains starting next year. The vehicles have 12 seats and travel at a maximum speed of 24 KMH.

Watching Hurricane Lorenzo

Hurricane Lorenzo has been upgraded to a category 4 and is currently in mid Atlantic, travelling at 15 KMH. It is expected to pass north of The Canaries, but local forecasters are watching it carefully, in case the track changes. Current predictions say it will hit The Azores and head on towards the UK.

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