Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 38

New Airport Record

A record 756,534 passengers transited through Lanzarote Airport in August, the highest number ever recorded. This year to date, the airport has handled 5,430,558 passengers, up 14.2% on 2022.

Former Mayor Of Arrecife Dies

José María Espino, the first mayor of Arrecife, and who was in that office from 1983 until 1995, has died, aged 88. Espino was previously a school teacher in Macher, and won three consecutive terms as the alcalde of the capital.

Papagayo Camp Site To Remain Open Until 1st October

The campsite at Papagayo will remain open until 1st October this year, later than the originally planned date of 17th September.

Thousands Make Annual Pilgrimage

Thousand of islanders walked to Mancha Blanca last weekend, to give their thanks to the Virgin Dolores for saving the village and Tinajo from the lava flow that was threatening to engulf it during the Timanfaya eruptions.

Tourism Department Raises Issues

The tourism department raised several specific issues relating to tourism on the island, in a meeting this week with Cabildo President Oswaldo Betancort. They raised the issue of “intrusion into tourist activity,” specifically citing unlicensed property rentals, rental of private vehicles, and excursions and tourist activities being offered without the necessary authorisations. They asked for more inspections and investigation to be carried out by the government.

PSOE Propose Quota For La Graciosa

The socialist PSOE party is proposing a quote limiting the number of visitors per day to the island of La Graciosa. They point out that the island receives half a million visitors per year, concentrated in the summer months, a figure they describe as unsustainable. They are also suggesting there should be some kind of tax of visitors, similar to the €5 fee charged by Venice for day visitors.

Cabildo Offering Support For Morocco

The Cabildo has expressed support for neighbouring Morocco after the earthquake that took place there last weekend. Emergency services have been offered to help, in a joint Canaria initiative, and every effort is being made to help Moroccan residents of the island get information about their families.

Earthquake Registers In Lanzarote

The Morocco Earthquake was registered by seismic instruments in Lanzarote when it struck last Friday evening. It has been described as a “compressive,” quake, of the type that originally formed the Atlas Mountains.

UD Lanzarote Starts New Campaign With A Win

UD Lanzarote beats UD Teror 2-1 last Sunday, starting their campaign under new manager Leonel “Pipa” Gancedo with 3 points.

School’s Back

Children across the island returned to school on Monday to start the winter term in primary and secondary schools.

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