Overall Increase In Crime, Burglaries Down

Lanzarote recorded an overall increase in crime for the first half of 2019, with just under 3500 crimes reported. Crimes resulting in injuries and car theft both increased. Burglaries and drug related crime both fell.

Four Immigrant Boats Arrive In Lanzarote

Three pateras arrived in Lanzarote early last Saturday and Sunday morning. The unusually calm seas mean people from the Maghreb region of Africa are attempting the very dangerous crossing to The Canaries. So far, four men and two women have been located and detained.

Cabin Crew Strike Affects Bar Service

The Ryanair cabin crew strike by Spanish crews didn’t have a big effect on flights, because of a Spanish law that dictates essential services must be maintained during a strike. Instead of causing the cancellation of flights, crews refused instead to offer a food or bar service on 91% of flights on the recent strike days.

Road Closures 14th September

There are various road closures on Saturday 14th September for the annual Los Dolores pilgrimage.

  • LZ20 from Arrecife to Tinajo. One lane will be closed from 0600 to 2200 with a reduced speed of 60KMH.
  • LZ30 Teguise to Uga. Closed from 0900 to 1300.
  • LZ46 Tiagua to Mancha Blanca. Closed from 0800 on the 14th to 0800 on the 15th.
  • LZ56 Mancha Blanca to La Geria. Closed from 0800 on the 14th to 0800 on the 15th.
  • LZ58 Masdache to La Vegueta. Closed from 0800 on the 14th to 0800 on the 15th.
  • LZ67 La Santa to Yaiza. Closed 1500 until 2359.
  • LZ409 Mozaga to La Vegueta. Closed from 0800 on the 14th to 0800 on the 15th.

Playa Blanca Sports Centre Approved

The new sports centre for Playa Blanca, which will have swimming pools, a pavilion, basketball courts and football pitches, has received approval for the €5.2 million funding. The contract for the building work will be signed in October, and work should be completed within a year.

PP Denounce Illegal Beach Workers

The Partido Popular in Yaiza has asked for more efforts to be made to rid the beach areas of Playa Blanca from workers illegally offering trinkets, sun glasses, massages and cold drinks for sale. They say the proliferation os street vendors is degrading the area, and affecting the businesses of local, legal traders.

Hotel Fariones Update

The latest information is that the hotel should re-open in February 2020. One final piece in the jigsaw is that Costas have signed an agreement for the hotel to continue to use the beach area directly in front of it. The original agreement was signed in 1968, when the hotel was built, and it granted a 50 year lease, which expired in 2018. The new agreement is for ten years, with a possible extension of another twenty, at the rate of €33,000 per year.


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