Holidaymakers Struck Down By Sickness Bug

Around 60 holidaymakers were struck by a gastric bug when staying at The Holiday Village Resort in Playa Blanca. They were all staying at the TUI all inclusive hotel and have instructed lawyers to make a claim against the company.

Hunters Denounced After Inspection

11 hunters were denounced for various infractions by the Guardia Civil nature protection service last week. The GC have increased patrols on hunting days this year to ensure the correct weapons are being used, the hunters and dogs remain at least 50 metres from roads and that they have the correct documentation. Infringements can result in fines of between €600 and €3000.

Pontoons For Playa Blanca Harbour Extension Completed

The four remaining sections of pontoon have been completed in Arrecife’s harbour, and will be floated down to Playa Blanca, depending on ocean conditions and tides, this week. In total 16 sections have been completed, and the machines building them are now being dismantled.

Tourism Department Opens Talks With Other Airlines

The tourism department is planning a series of meetings with other airlines in a bid to mitigate any possible loss of routes following the announcement by Ryanair that they are closing their Lanzarote base on 8th January. They will be meeting with Easyjet, Iberia, Vueling, Jet 2, Volotea, Eurowings and Norwegian to explore options and strengthen the island’s connectivity.

Marvel Movie Starts Shooting In November

The Marvel movie The Eternals begins shooting on the island in November. Filming will take place in Charco de los Clicos, Playa de las Barcas and around Volcano Cuervo. Up to 300 people will be on the sets, and an environmental impact assessment is being carried out.

Manchester Flight Declares Medical Emergency

Monday afternoon’s flight from Manchester declared a medical emergency en route to Lanzarote, after a male passenger suffered cardiac problems. Air traffic control cleared the air space and brought the aircraft in to land via the most direct route. The man was taken to Arrecife Hospital.

Yaiza Gets Tough on Late Night Noise

Yaiza Ayuntamiento has asked local police to enforce regulations about loud music being played at night at bars in Playa Blanca, after receiving complaints from citizens and from hotel owners in the area.

Last Grapes Being Picked

The final grapes are being picked in Lanzarote over the next couple of weeks – the Muscat and Diego varieties are the last. It’s estimated that the harvest will total 2.5 Million Kilos. This is well down on last year, when 4 million kilos were collected, and has been affected by the lack of rain since last October. However, the quality is expected to be very high, as the grapes have matured slowly and the vines are very healthy.

Ryanair Strikes Pass Without Problems

The first two days of Ryanair strikes did not affect any flights into or out of Lanzarote this week. They were all covered by non striking crews and pilots. There are several more strike days to come, with Spanish crews and pilots now joining. You can stay up to date here: Ryanair Strikes.


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