Wind Brings Down Palm In Puerto del Carmen

Strong winds on Sunday night brought down a palm in Matagorda, which in turn pulled down an electricity cable, creating a local power cut. The cable was quickly repaired and the tree recovered on Monday morning.

Heat Alert Extended

The high temperature alert for this week has been extended until Friday. Expected temperatures are 36 degrees, but 40 is possible inland, as hot air from The Sahara blows across the island. Night time temperatures are not expected to drop below 25 degrees.

Charco San Ginés Cleaned Out

The Sport Fishing Association in Arrecife has cleaned the rubbish from the charco. Car tyres, lobster pots, plant containers and a household iron were removed as part of the effort.

Lanzarote Firefighters Help Out In La Palma

The island of La Palma is suffering from major forest fires currently being exacerbated by strong winds. A team from Lanzarote has volunteered to go and help their colleagues. They will be joining 400 other firefighters and 8 aircraft that have been deployed to the island.

New Windmills Arrive

The four new giant windmills for power generation in Arrecife have arrived by ship at Puerto Naos. Work has almost been completed to prepare for their installation, and the 120 metre high windmills will generate 28,000 megawatt hours, which will be fed into the island’s grid.

Netherlands Adds Canaries To Not Safe To Travel List

The Netherlands has added Spain, including The Canary Islands to it’s “orange” list of countries it considers should only be visited for “essential” travel.

Drive-In Covid Tests

The Cabildo has announced it will set up an area at Recinto Ferial in Arrecife for dive in Covid 19 tests. People who think they may have contracted the virus, will be asked to drive there, where they will be given a PCR test by medical staff. The initiative is known as “Covid Auto.”

Cultural Events Suspended

Against a backdrop of rising Coronavirus cases, The Cabildo announced this week that cultural events will once again be suspended, in order to avoid crowds and transmission.

Bus Services Increase

The bus service in Lanzarote, which had been running at about 50% of the normal route density, has had the timetable increased to around 70%.

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