Man Killed In Puerto Del Carmen Knife Attack

Shocking news on Thursday afternoon, 1st August. A man has been killed in a knife attack on Puerto del Carmen’s Strip. Local witnesses reported that the man’s throat was slashed by another male in the area of La Peñita. Emergency services recorded the call coming in at 1425 and that one male is deceased. They were only able to confirm the death at the scene. Early reports suggest that the victim was a bar owner and the attacker is a chef at the bar. Guardia Civil are investigating.

Update 19:24 The police have arrested a 59 year old Spanish male initials F.A.E.M. who is the alleged perpetrator of the crime, he is the chef at the Las Vegas restaurant. The man who was killed is a 45 year old Moroccan male who has been identified as the manager of the restaurant. It has been reported that the chef made no attempt to flee the scene and waited until emergency services arrived, and he is reported to have said it had been an “outburst” following a disagreement.

Manrique BMWs Available To Hire

Cabrera Medina has added eight BMW 740  saloons painted in the same colour scheme as the BMW 730 César Manrique created in 1990. We’re able to arrange hire of one of these special cars, as well as the Sear Ibizas in matching colour scheme. Typical price for the 7 series is about €900 per week, with the Ibizas a much more affordable €130! You can get your quote here: Car Hire.

And here’s a video showing the new car:

El Grifo Palm Falls

One of the island’s most famous palms, thought to date as far back as 1750, in the ground of the El Grifo winery, came down this week. A spokesman for the bodega said they feel like a part of the company has left.

2.7 Earthquake Off The Coast

An earthquake of 2.7 on the Richter scale occurred just off the coast of Lanzarote in the early hours of last Friday morning. The epicentre was reported to be 30KM below the surface of the ocean.

Campaign to Rid Arrecife Of Cigarette Butts.

The Arrecife city council is starting a campaign to persuade citizens not to discard cigarette butts on the streets, gardens and beaches of the capital. The campaign is educational, but it will also include to distribution of 500 ashtrays made from recycled materials.

E-Bike Station Opens In Playa Blanca

An E-Bike station using sustainable electricity has opened in Playa Blanca. Riders can hire the E-Bikes by downloading an app and adding a credit card to the app to make payment. The station is located at the Relaxia Lanzasur hotel.

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