Castillo Las Coloradas Opening

The castle overlooking the beach in Playa Blanca was restored in 1989, but hasn’t been put to use since then. An agreement has now been signed by The Cabildo to open it up and it will house an exhibition space for cultural initiatives. It will also have a desk for information about Museo Atlantico.

Camping In Arrieta

The campsite at Arrieta’s Playa la Garita is not an “official” campsite, but numbers there have swelled this summer. The Ayuntamiento of Haria are now looking into options to make it an official site, but they have run into some local opposition from residents of the pueblo. As well as considering the current site, they are looking at an alternative in Órzola. They are also considering putting in a service road and roundabout for the turning into the beach.

Salt Pans At El Risco Being Restored

The salinas at the base of El Risco de Famara are being restored, and the first machinery arrived this week to start work. The salt pans there date back almost 500 years and are only accessible on foot or by boat. The first stage, which has a budget of €100,000 will be to restore the sea defence wall to prevent further damage. The pans are pictured above.

Hottest Day

After a run of poor weather, the island recorded it’s highest temperature this week, with 37 degrees in Calle Real, Arrecife.

Former President Zapatero Holidays In Lanzarote

A regular visitor to the island while he was serving as the President of Spain, José Luis Zapatero has again chosen the island for his family holiday this year. They are staying at the bungalows at Famara.

Wine Harvest Started

This year’s wine harvest has started, a little late than normal, due to lower than normal temperatures in June and July. The prediction is that the harvest will be similar to last years, when 3 Million Kilos were collected.

Local Police In Arrecife Seek To Stop Graffiti

Policia Local in Arrecife have identified the “Artists” responsible for around 300 sets of graffiti in the capital, in several cases because the work was signed. The perpetrators are being arrested and will be taken to court, where they face fines of up to €600 and will be required to repair the damage caused.