Italian Carabinieri Join Lanzarote Police

Two Italian police officers will be working with Guardia Civil in Puerto del Carmen during August. The trial initiative will see the police departments working alongside others from EU countries to learn new techniques.

High Temperature Alert Remains In Place

After a weekend that saw temperatures of 36 degrees, the alert remains in place for the early part of this week, with mid 30’s in the shade expected during the day.

Incoming Flights Are About 60% Full

A survey of incoming flights has shown they are currently arriving into Lanzarote about 60% full. 30 international flights arrived on the island last Tuesday, bringing more than 3,000 tourist to the island.

Lanzarote Earthquake

A 3.1 Richter earthquake occurred at 4AM on Thursday. The centre was about 50 KM off the coast of the island and 40 KM deep. Nothing was felt on the island itself.

New Flights to Peninsular

New flights to the mainland of Spain start this week, with Air Nostrum, a division of Iberia. Weekly flights will operate to and from Sevilla, Malaga and Valencia.

Airport Changes To Reflect Manrique’s Influence

In a meeting with The President if airports authority, Aena, Lanzarote’s Cabildo President, Maria Dolores Corujo, asked for a project to be put in place to “ensure tourists and visitors to Lanzarote are able to impregnate themselves as soon as they enter our territory with the values, culture and aesthetics based on sustainability promoted by César Manrique.”

Lanzarote Moves To Level 2

In a controversial decision, Lanzarote was moved to Level 2 of covid restrictions by The Canarian Government this week. Island politicians were surprised at the decision, given the hospital has only one person with Covid currently. Here’s what the new level means: Post Covid Lanzarote.

Car Hire Crisis

All The Canary Islands are suffering from a complete lack of rental cars, despite the fact that the overall fleet is at the same level as in 2018. The reason is the huge number of Spanish tourists on the islands, who always hire cars and travel around. The head of Cicar, the largest hire company in the islands, Juan Carlos Curbelo said. “The main cause of the “boom” of rentals is that there are more island and Spanish tourists traveling on the islands. This type of tourist has always preferred to tour the islands in their vehicle and have greater autonomy.” The company has registered and additional 4,000 cars since May, and the fleet is now at 15,000, more than were available in 2018, but they are still not able to keep up with demand.

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