Grape Harvest Begins

The wine grape harvest has begun on the island. The amount of grapes is expected to be around half of last years, which was already a relatively low harvest, due to the on-going drought on the island. The quality of wine made from 2020 grapes is expected to be very good.

Noches de Jameos Are Back

Jameos Nights (Noches de Jameos) are returning to James del Agua this weekend, for the first time since lockdown, Initially, the dinners with music will be on Saturday nights only from 1930 until 0100, and from 14th August, Fridays will be added too.

Wind Turbine Installation Starts

Work has started on the foundations for the four wind turbines at the water consortium site in Arrecife. The four turbines will produce 9.2 megawatts of clean power that will be added to the general grid on the island.

Cultural Activity To Re-Start

The Cabildo has announced that cultural events will be able to take place once again on the island from 24th July. Numbers will be restricted and masks will be worn by the audiences.

Population Reaches Record

Lanzarote’s resident population this summer has reached a record 162,500. Arrecife remains the most populous municipality, with 66,000 residents, followed by Teguise, San Bartolomé and Tias, which each have 21,000 to 23,000 residents. Tinajo and Hara remain the least populous, with 6,500 and 5,550 respectively. Men outnumber women on the island, at 82,300 versus 80,200.

Playa Blanca Late Night Venues Risk Sanctions

The Guardia Civil carried out inspections of late night venues in Playa Blanca on 12th July and again a week later. They found several people, who were not socially distanced to 1.5 metres and who were not wearing masks, and also that some establishments didn’t have adequate access control measures in place. They could face fines of between €3,000 and €60,000.

Arrieta Pier To Open Next Week

The iconic pier at Arrieta, which was badly damaged by a storm several years ago is finally to re-open next week. The main construction is complete, the crane has been removed, and final finishing touches made currently.

Health Inspectors Hard At Work

The island’s health inspectors have been busy on the island carrying out checks on swimming pools, drinking water and water storage units looking for any contamination, including Legionella, as hotels open up across the island.

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