Crops At Risk Due To Drought

With very little rain so far this winter, farmers and vine growers are becoming increasingly nervous about 2022’s food and wine harvest and both bodies have called on the water company, Canal Gestion, to increase the frequency of agricultural water supplies.

Maximum Price Set For Self Administered Covid Tests

Spain has set a maximum price of €2.94, for self administered Covid tests for sale throughout the country.

All Islands Remain At Current Alert Levels

At this week’s update, The Canarian Government announced that all islands will remain in their current alert levels. For Lanzarote, that means Level 3, along with Gran Canaria, Fuertventura and La Palma. Tenerife is in Level 4, and La Gomera and El Hierro in Level 2.

Changes In Isolation Rules

There have been some changes in self isolation rules this week, for people who test positive for Covid Those who have no, or very mild symptoms now have to self isolate for 7 days, but are asked to be cautious, and limit social interactions for a further three days. Those with severe illness will be asked to isolate for 21 days.

Anyone notified as a close contact of a positive case no longer has to self isolate, if they are fully vaccinated. Those not vaccinated are required to self isolate for 7 days.

Calima Expected At Weekend

A calima is forecast for this weekend, due to high pressure over northern Europe creating an easterly wind to the islands. High temperatures, airborne dust and strong winds are expected from Saturday, easing on Monday.

Pharmacies Can now Issue Covid Pass

Farmacias have been authorised to issue Covid passes to anyone who calls in to request them, as they are able to access medical records. Customers can request a paper copy or for one to be downloaded to their mobile devices.

Voluntary Covid Pass Extended

The voluntary use of Covid passes for hospitality businesses in Levels 1 and 2 has been extended until 10th February. By using the Covid pass scheme, they are able to extend their opening hours and capacity. For islands in Levels 3 and 4, use of the Covid pass is compulsory.

Condor Flight Suffers Bird Strike

A Condor Boeing 757 bound for Hamburg, ingested a bird into one engine shortly after take off from Cesar Manrique airport, causing an engine fire. The aircraft was able to land safely at Fuerteventura on one engine, and passengers were put up in a hotel overnight, with Condor flying another aircraft out the following day. The Fuerteventura runway is used for heavy landings (the aircraft had full tanks) as it is substantially longer than Lanzarote’s.

Airport Museum Re-Opens

The aeronautical museum at Lanzarote Airport has reopened for the first time since March 2020. You can read more about it here: Airport Museum.

Population Drop

Lanzarote’s population finished 2021 at 161,300, about 700 down on the same time last year. It’s thought that a number of foreigners returning to their home countries during the pandemic is the key reason.

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