Restaurants Denounced For Not Including IGIC

By law in Spain, restaurants must include taxes in the pricing on their menus. Facua – Consumers in Action has recently denounced El Pescador in Playa Quemada, which joins La Bohemia in Costa Teguise and Divina Italia in Puerto del Carmen. All three restaurants have had a case opened against them, and if found guilty could face fines of up to €3,000.

Jellyfish on Famara Beach

Unusual currents have brought jellyfish to the beach at Famara. Hundreds of specimens of Portuguese Caravels were washed up onto the beach on Sunday morning. Jellyfish aren’t normally in the waters around Lanzarote, and usually disappear within a few days.

Hotel Owners Association Expecting Reduction In Visitors

Asolan, the hotel owners association is projecting a drop of around 5%  in visitors for the remainder of the year, based on forward bookings received. The cited the reduction in fights (particularly to Germany) and the uncertainty around Brexit for the fall.

40% Drop In Grape Harvest Forecasted

Forecasters are predicting that the grape harvest this year will be 40% on last, which was the most abundant since 1993. The harvest has been affected by the lack of rainfall over the winter and an increase in the incidence of powdery mildew. The upside is that the quality, as is often the case in years of lower volume, is expected to be very high.

Cabrera Medina Re-Introduce The Manrique Seat Ibiza

The car hire company has put a fleet of Seat Ibizas onto their fleet in the iconic Manrique colour scheme, to match the car he painted and used in 1987, and which is on display at his former home in Haria.


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