Immigrants Bring Covid Back To Lanzarote

Police intercepted a small boat in the early hours of Wednesday morning this week. There were 25 people aboard, who had travelled from Africa, including four women and three children. They were immediately put into isolation and five of the adults tested positively for Covid 19. All of the five are currently without symptoms.

New Process For British Citizens Moving To Spain

The government has announced that with effect from 6th July, British citizens moving to Spain will be issued with the new TIE biometric ID cards. This is in preparation for the end of the implementation period on 31st December. British people arriving until the end of this year, and existing legal residents, will have a version of the TIE endorsed to guarantee their existing rights to live and work in Spain. From 1st January 2021, British citizens will no longer have a right to live and work in EU countries, and will have to apply under the same conditions as citizens from countries outside the EU.

Look Out For The Comet!

A Comet called C/2020 F3 Neowise will be clearly visible from the islands, assuming no dust or cloud, later this week. The comet passed close to the sun on 3rd July, and will be closest to earth on the 10th and 11th. It has a tail of gas particles several kilometres long. Lanzarote has the best latitude to see it, and it should be visible between 0545 and 0630 on Friday and Saturday morning this week.

Volunteers Clear Seaweed

Large amounts of sea weed were blown ashore at Caleta de Caballo in strong winds over the weekend. Local volunteers, assisted by town hall staff and a tractor,  bagged it up and removed it to make the beach usable again in the current hot weather.

Local Companies Being Investigated

Nearly a thousands companies across the islands are being investigated for possible infringements of the government ERTE scheme to pay staff salaries during the Covid 19 crisis. Work inspectors are studying the files currently and prosecutions could follow.

30 Free Holidays For Health Personnel

Health sector personnel on the peninsular have a chance to win one of 30 holidays in The Canary Islands by entering a raffle. The prizes will be a five day stay in the islands, and winners will depart on July 8th.

Caravanners Protest In Arrieta

There was a large gathering of caravans and motor caravans in Arrieta at the weekend. They were protesting the fact that the area on Arrieta beach has been blocked off to campers with the use of large rocks.

Owner Of Immigrant Boat Imprisoned With Bail

The owner and skipper of the immigrant boat that arrived in Lanzarote last week, carrying 19 male immigrants, has been jailed without bail, pending his court case, which could lead to up to 8 years in prison.

Puerto del Carmen Golf Course To Re-Open In October

The golf course at Puerto del Carmen will re-open in October. A great deal of work is required to bring the greens back up to standard as the course has been unable to water them during the lockdown, as they are required to use recycled waste water from hotels.

Rising Tide Sculpture Moved to Norway

The Rising Tide horse sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor, which were on display in Arrecife until the current government removed them, have been moved by the artist to their new home in Norway. They can be seen at Haugesund and are situated on the banks of a natural sea inlet which has become home to the local diving association and some wonderful marine life

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