Brief news week 27

Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 27

Arrecife Waterfall Restoration Out To Tender

The Cabildo has put out to tender the restoration of the waterfall at Charco San Ginés. The waterfall was created by Cesar Manrique, and fell into disrepair several years ago. The aim of the restoration is to create a magic, and cooling space in the heart of the capital. The work should be completed in time for summer 2025.

Islands Were Populated By Berbers

A new study conducted by scientists from The University of Gran Canaria has confirmed, using carbon dating technology that the Canaries were populated by Berbers in the first century. Their DNA can be found still in the oldest Canarian families, and using the dating machinery at various archaeological digs has revealed they arrived in Lanzarote between the year 70 and 240, gradually moving to other islands, and finally colonising Gran Canaria between 490 and 530. What isn’t clear is if they sailed from Africa themselves, or if they were brought here by The Romans as slave workers and who called the islands The Fortunate Islands.

From the 3 century, the islands remained completely isolated for almost 1,000 years and something very similar happened in The Hawaiian islands.

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June Cooler Than Average

After months of unusually high temperatures, the trend was reversed in June, with the average temperature for the month being 0.2 degrees cooler than usual. This was caused by a “Corridor” of cool, humid air reaching the islands. The high recorded at at the airport was 28.1 degrees.

Unemployment Continues To Fall

The number of unemployed people on the island fell to 7,736 in June, the lowest figure since March 2008, just before the financial crisis.

Tuna Boat To Become Floating Museum

The tuna boat Nuevo Santa Teresa, owned by The Cabildo, will be turned into a floating museum. The objective is to preserve the history of the fishing sector of Lanzarote and La Graciosa and, at the same time, to serve as an educational tool for the new generations so that they know the importance of the island’s maritime heritage.

Cruise Visitors Up 12%

Cruise ship visitors to the island are up 12% on 2023, and it is expected that the total number will significantly increase last year’s record of just over half a million passengers.

Letting Law Expected To Be Approved in September

The new letting law, which is aimed at regulating the private holiday letting sector, and freeing up some housing for residents, is expected to become law in September, after The Canaria government agreed to fast track it during the summer, giving members a chance to debate their suggested changes.

Second Portable Desalination Plant On The Way

A second containerised water desalination plant will come to Lanzarote via The Canarian government. In total ten have been ordered for the islands, with one allocated to Lanzarote, at a cost of 13.4 million €, in order to deal with water shortages caused by lack of rainfall over the last few years. The new plants are economical to run and use the latest technology.

Giant Screen In Arrecife For Germany Versus Spain

Arrecife has applied for a permit from Costas to install a giant screen on Playa del Reducto for the Germany Spain quarter final match this coming Friday at 5PM.

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