Thomas Cook Flight Passengers Suffer In Lanzarote

300 passengers on a Thomas Cook flight that was stuck in Lanzarote with a technical problem endured a three hour wait without air conditioning and a strong smell of fuel in the aircraft. They were eventually disembarked after one passenger suffered a fit and another passed out. They were eventually taken to a hotel late at night and flew home to Manchester the following day. Thomas Cook MD of Operations, Paul Hutchings said “Flight MT1499 was delayed due to a technical issue and although all efforts were made to get customers on their way as soon as possible, it is clear to me that our customers endured unacceptable temperatures on board and for that I am very sorry.”

Woman Rescued From Bar Roof By Firefighters

In a bizarre rescue, firefighters were called to the HL Club in Playa Blanca to help a woman down from the roof of the pool bar. They used a ladder to help her down. It’s not clear how or why the hotel guest ended up on the roof.

Cabildo Considering Making Via Ciclista “Cycles Only” At Weekends

The “Via Ciclista,” which uses the old road alongside the LZ1 from Tahiche towards Orzola has been deemed a great success. As a Via Cicilista, cars can still use the road, but are restricted to 50KMH and must give precedence to cyclists. The Cabildo is considering making this road a cycle only route during the weekends, due to the large number of cyclists using it.