Cabildo Commissions Study Into New Airport

The Cabildo has commissioned a study into the feasibility of building a new airport for Lanzarote. The study will explore possible locations to replace the current airport, which dates from the 1940’s. The study is in response to criticism that the current airport has limited runway length, proximity to high ground, and is in what is now an urban area.

Bizarre Car Explosion Explained

The mystery of the exploding car was explained this week. Fire crews were called to a BMW X5 in Playa Blanca, which appeared to have exploded from the inside, causing serious damage to the car. The mystery was explained two days later – the owner was shut inside the car, cleaning the interior with an aerosol spray containing an accelerant. In a bizarre piece of bad luck, a spark caused by opening the doors, setting the interior light on, ignited the accelerant and caused the explosion. The owner was not seriously injured, but the car was severely damaged.

La Graciosa becomes 8th Canary Island

La Graciosa, just off the northern tip of Lanzarote, and the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, has been officially named the 8th Canary Island by the Senate of The Canarian Government. La Graciosa has an area of 29KM squared, a population of 721, and no tarmac roads. Although not severing it’s strong administrative connection with Lanzarote, the island will have much more autonomy in the future. There are a total of 13 islands in the archipelago, but the other 5 are not inhabited.

Thomas Cook Flight Makes Emergency Landing

A Thomas Cook flight from London Gatwick declared an emergency after one engine failed close to Lanzarote. All other flights were held and fire engines were scrambled during the approach and the aircraft, with 284 people on board, was able to land safely at Lanzarote. The engine failed during the descent into Lanzarote and was shut down by the pilots.

Man Arrested For Fraud

A foreign man, initials RP, has been arrested in Playa Blanca for fraudulently charging sums as high as €1600 to clients buying tablets for €60. Targeting older clients, the shop worker would tell them he needed their card details and pin number to set up the software on the tablets they had bought.